Terms & Conditions

Guided Walks, Private Guiding & Navigation Training:

Terms & Conditions


A booking can be considered as confirmed once full payment and completed booking forms have been received by myGuidedWalks and we have issued you with a booking confirmation. This booking confirmation forms the contract between myGuidedWalks and the client(s) and comes into effect from the date the confirmation is issued. Prior to the start of your activity you will be required to complete and sign a registration form providing details of emergency contacts and any medical conditions the leader needs to be aware of together with the declarations included at the end of this document.


myGuidedWalks will always do their best to accommodate reasonable requests to alter your booking such as a change to the names of clients included in your booking or, in the case of private guiding, a change to the itinerary. If there are associated costs relating to such a change we reserve the right to discuss these costs with you and make an addition charge for them if the alteration is agreed.


In the event of a booking being cancelled by a client, myGuidedWalks will refund the client as follows:

  • Cancellations more than 4 weeks from the start of the activity will receive a 30% refund
  • Cancellations 4 weeks or less from the start of the activity will not be refunded

We strongly recommend clients consider taking out appropriate cancellation insurance.

In exceptional circumstances myGuidedWalks may need to cancel your booking. If myGuidedWalks cancel your booking you will have a choice of receiving a full refund or changing your booking to an alternative date or activity of equal value. If you prefer to change to an activity of a higher value you will be required to pay the difference. We will not be liable for any additional costs or expenses incurred as a result of such a cancellation.

Group walks and training courses normally operate on a minimum number of 2 participants. If you are the only person to book on a walk or course we may contact you to offer you the choice of swapping to an alternative activity or changing to an alternative date which you can make or to receive a full refund.

Bad Weather & Other External Factors

Walks, training and guiding activities will generally take place regardless of the weather on the day unless the leader considers that conditions could compromise the safety of the group. No refunds will be made if a client decides to cancel as a result of weather conditions.

Other factors such as, but not limited to, landslides, flooding, footpath and rights of way restrictions can also impact the ability to undertake a planned itinerary. As a result, changes may need to be made at the leaders discretion. We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary or to cancel the booking where appropriate or for safety reasons.

Leader Authority & Client Behaviour

When taking part in an activity you must abide by the authority of the leader. If you commit any illegal act or in the reasonable opinion of the leader your behaviour is likely to be disruptive, threatening, abusive, a danger to yourself or causing or likely to cause danger, distress, damage to property or annoyance to others or the leader, or if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol then we may terminate your participation in the activity without any liability on our part.

This includes clients who fail to advise us of medical conditions or disabilities which prevent their participation in the activity or adversely impacts the ability of other clients to participate in the activity as planned. This includes clients who, in the opinion of the leader, are not appropriately equipped or clothed to safely participate in the activity.

Parental Responsibility

Children under the age of 18 are only accepted by prior agreement on our activities. Any people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by THEIR parents or legal guardians who agree to take full responsibility and supervision of them at all times. This means people under 18 being within sight and sound of their parent or legal guardian and under their control at all times.

Insurance, Risk and Liability

myGuidedWalks will take all reasonable measures to ensure your safety. Please note however that outdoor activities including walking involve risk and have a danger of personal injury or death. Anyone taking part shall be aware of, and accept these risks, and agree to be responsible for their own actions and involvement and to raise any concerns or questions with the leader.

myGuidedWalks has full public and professional liability insurance, and we advise you to take out your own personal accident and liability insurance and appropriate cancellation insurance. If you already have insurance cover, please check that it covers you for the activity you are undertaking.

Our website, social media, emails and printed materials are to our best knowledge accurate and produced in good faith. myGuidedWalks can't take responsibility for any misunderstandings resulting from a client not reading or understanding this information. myGuidedWalks can't accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal effects during an activity.


myGuidedWalks does not normally accept dogs other than registered assistance dogs on group walks or training. If you wish to bring a dog on a private guiding booking then please advise us of this prior to booking so we can discuss whether this can be accommodated.

Health and Fitness

Bookings are accepted on the understanding that you and those you are booking on behalf of are medically and physically fit for the activity to be undertaken. We ask clients to inform the activity leader if they suffer from any allergies, medical conditions, disabilities or injuries. We advise clients to seek guidance from a doctor on their suitability to undertake the activity if they are unsure. If a clients health and fitness situation changes after making the booking you should make us aware of such changes.


myGuidedWalks takes pride in the service it provides to our clients. However, if you are unhappy, any complaint should first be made to your leader, as soon as possible, and ideally at the time. Your leader will endeavor to find a solution that is acceptable to you but must also consider the group as a whole. If for some reason the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction then you should put it in writing and send to our contact address or email us within 4 weeks of the end of your activity. All complaints will be fully investigated and we will keep you informed.


Participation Statement

I and those I am booking on behalf of understand that the activities I have booked may be hazardous by nature and accept a certain element of risk. I and those I am booking on behalf of will participate in a responsible manner, conscious both of our own safety and of the impact of our conduct on the safety of others, and hold in mind our individual duty of care to all in our company.

Equipment & Clothing

I have read the recommended equipment and clothing for the trip and confirm that I will come appropriately equipped and clothed for the weather on the day including appropriate footwear with good grip. If in doubt please contact us to discuss.

Medical disclaimer

I and those I am booking on behalf of are medically and physically fit for the activity to be undertaken.

I will ensure that the activity leader is made aware through the activity registration form of any allergies, medical conditions, disabilities or injuries or other information which the leader should be made aware of.


Occasionally photos of our clients are used in myGuidedWalks publicity, on our website or on our Social Media. Please indicate on the registration form if you or any member of your group are not happy for this to happen.

Agreement to Terms & Conditions

By making a booking I confirm that I agree that I have read and understood the terms and conditions.