2 Day Intermediate Navigation Skills Training Course

Edale, Derbyshire - £120 per person, max 6 people

Peak District Navigation Training Course - Intermediate

Peak District Navigation Training Course - Intermediate

Edale, Derbyshire

Mon 8th-Tue 9th April 2019

Additional dates on request.

This course is an ideal continuation for those who have already completed a beginners navigation course or have some basic familiarity navigating with maps and able to follow easy routes using paths.

You will spend 2 days in the outdoors learning further techniques such as grid references, relocation, compass bearings, aiming off, attack points, contour recognition and navigation on more technical, rougher and complex ground.

One of the keys aspects in becoming a good navigator is to practise a wide range of navigation techniques and this really requires 2 full days of training, providing the time to practise the skills and learn from your course leader. The course cost does not include accommodation (which is optional).

Course Content

Map based navigation techniques

  • Recap of basics: Scales, Symbols, Rights of Way, Contours
  • Grid system / references
  • Navigation using contours - slope, shape, smaller & more complex features, Valleys vs. Spurs,

General techniques

  • Recap of basics: Distances - Measuring and Estimating, Pacing and Timing
  • Basic navigation strategies - The 5 D's: Distance, Direction, Description, Duration, Danger
  • Relocation: Transit Points, Intersection, Resection, Features

Compass Based Techniques

  • Recap of basics: setting map and simple bearings from the map
  • Walking on a bearing from both the map and the ground
  • Following a bearing in bad visibility/darkness
  • Aiming Off, Collecting features, Back bearings, Attack Points
  • Aspect of Slope
  • Boxing

Course Location & Times

Start 10:00 Edale Car Park, Derbyshire

Meet in the main car park (not railway car park), near the toilet block. I'd recommend paying for 8 hours.

There is a good train service from Manchester/Sheffield. If you want to catch the train arriving just after 10 please let me know.

We aim to finish around 16:00 - 17:00

You're very welcome to join the leader for an optional visit to a cafe and a chance to ask further questions after the course


During the training you will be walking both on and off paths. The morning of the first day will start in the valley on a mixture of good tracks and smaller footpaths and also off paths across grassy fields. We will then spend most of the course on Kinder Scout which will be rough in places and includes a fairly long hill. The hill up to Kinder is a steady climb of about 400m (1300ft). On Kinder the terrain is open moorland with heather, rough grass and deep groughs (ditches). At any time of year there are likely to be wet and muddy sections and the paths becomes rougher and a little rocky in places. For much of the training we will be off path on Kinder where the ground is very uneven with thick vegetation, hidden bumps and holes under the vegetation so care is needed and boots providing good ankle support are strongly recommended.

Recommended Equipment & Clothing

The training will be largely practical, walking in both the lower valleys and up onto Kinder. We will be spending most of the time off paths in rough and sometimes muddy terrain and so sturdy boots with good ankle support are highly recommended. You will be standing around whilst practising skills in whatever weather we have on the day, which can be exposed and colder on the tops, and will need appropriate clothing. Below is a recommended list:

  • 1:25,000 map of The Peak District: Dark Peak Area - OS Explorer Map sheet OL1 covering Edale/Kinder. I recommend the waterproof maps which will last much longer, otherwise will also need a waterproof map case.
  • Compass (if you want to practise with one) - recommend a Silva Type 4, Suunto A30 or similar. If buying one check it's Northern Hemisphere (NH), degrees and metric scales, there are a lot for sale online which are not!!
  • Appropriate walking clothing to keep you warm on the day (no jeans)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Spare warm layers (several thinner layers are more versatile than 1 thick)
  • Walking boots (Some areas are rough and uneven so boots providing good ankle support recommended rather than low cut walking shoes. Boots will also keep your feet drier than walking shoes in boggy areas.)
  • Warm hat and gloves or sun hat if sunny
  • Food, drink and snacks for the day. We will have a couple of food stops whilst out on the hill.
  • Personal first aid kit (for minor cuts, blisters, sun cream, pain relief etc and any personal medication)
  • Rucksack with waterproof liner/bag
  • Notebook and pen
  • Money for visit to cafe at start/end of course
  • Optional: Walking poles or gaiters if you have them

Any questions please email info@myguidedwalks.co.uk or call me on 07928677626