***🚨Please read everything on this page before filling out the Registration Form.🚨***

Camp registration closed Sunday, May 26th at 11:59 PM.

Late registrants are welcome, but will not receive a camp t-shirt.

Camp Registration is Now Closed.

Please contact Preston Pedersen (ppedersen@mvcsd.org) if you would still like to sign up. Thanks!

2024 Mustang Strength & Speed Camp

Mustangs, are you ready to put in the work to make yourself and your team better?! This summer you will have an opportunity to become a stronger and more explosive athlete! Your hard work in the summer will undoubtedly pay off in your upcoming sport seasons. 


We will systematically work on technique, strength, speed, quickness, and explosive power. These qualities will only be enhanced if you commit to the process. You will only get out what you put in.

Are you ready to give all you have?

2024 Summer Schedule


Session Days & Times

Fall 2024 8th Graders - Graduated Seniors

Fall 2024 5th Graders - 7th Graders

Camp Cost

High School - Out of Season Athletes = $85

Incoming Fall 2024 8th grade - Graduated Senior


High School - In Season Athletes = $65

Incoming Fall 2024 8th grade - Graduated Senior that are out for School Sponsored Softball or Baseball.


Middle School = $65

Incoming Fall 2024 5th - 7th Grade


Payment & Financial Need


Week 0 - High School Athlete Open Hours

Training will be available for High School Athletes the week of June 3rd. Open Hours will be from 6:00 - 7:00am and 7:00 - 8:00am on Monday (6/3), Tuesday (6/4), & Thursday (6/6). Camp will officially start on Monday, June 10th. Week 0 sessions do not count toward Horsepower Club status.

Horsepower Club

HORSEPOWER STATUS will be for those that attend 100% of the training sessions. There are 18 sessions for the HS and 12 sessions for the MS. Attendance only counts if you attend the entire session (both the agility and lifting). If you miss a session and have COMMUNICATED in a timely manner (preferably prior) then you may do a make up session. Those that make the club will attend the FEED the STAMPEDE on the last day of camp, receive a horse-sized breakfast, and an exclusive black Horsepower Club t-shirt.

Recently, we have had Mustangs that have asked if other things count as a make up (like a camp or event). The Horsepower Club is a high standard on purpose and the short answer is "NO". To be clear, I want all of our Mustangs to go and do other camps and enjoy all the aspects of summer. That is why we give the make up options found at this link. ⬇️

Training Methods

Coaching Staff

There will be 9 Mustang Strength & Speed Coaches every day to help you learn and grow. Other Mustang sport coaches will also be in attendance to see their athletes push themselves and succeed.

Baseball and Softball Players

The baseball and softball coaches stand behind this program and expect you to attend. Training programs will be modified to fit the in-season athletes.

Session Scheduling

We need to keep the sessions organized as much as possible. If you must attend a different session because of a circumstance outside of your control or have questions, please communicate that with Coach Preston Pedersen before we begin. Do not attend a different session unless approved by Coach Preston Pedersen. We understand issues can arise, but please work hard to keep to the schedule.

Camps and Other Obligations

Summer can be a very challenging time for those athletes that are attending camps and have other obligations. If you are going to miss COMMUNICATE with Coach Preston Pedersen. If there is prior communication, you will have the opportunity to make up the missed sessions.


Many of you have summer jobs. Communicate with me if scheduling will be a problem. We are beyond using a job as a reason to keep us from working hard and improving. COMMUNICATE! If you use a job as an excuse for not coming or not preparing, think about the results that you are missing out on.

Last Day of Camp

On the last day of camp (Thursday, July 25th) training will be different from the regular session times. Every camper, 5th grade through graduated senior, will train from 6:15 until 7:15 am. For those that make the Horsepower Club, they will stay and attend the Feed the Stampede right after. The breakfast will only last as long as it takes for everyone to eat and get their black Horsepower Club t-shirt. If you are going to pick up your child from the Feed the Stampede, you can count on 7:45 or so.

Investing in the Future

Registration fees will be used to fund the camp and enhance the MV Mustang Strength & Speed program.

All Stangs. All Sports. All In. ⚡️