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REFUEL Mission:

The Refuel mission is to Rebuild our student-athlete’s bodies to MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE and DECREASE INJURY so they are able to COMPETE at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

R emember Breakfast

E at Often

F requently Hydrate

U tilize Recovery Methods

E at Fruits & Veggies

L ean Protein

Nutrition Articles

Fueling Youth Athletes in Under 500 Words

How does having a Nutrition Plan take your Athletic Performance to the Next Level?

Athletes have many challenges when trying to improve their eating habits....learn how to overcome those challenges and take their performance to the next level!

5 Micronutrients You Need More Of

Whether you’re following a paleo, keto, vegan diet, or just trying to eat clean, you’re probably paying attention to your macronutrient intake. But to keep your body functioning optimally, you need to dial into your vitamins and minerals.

Micronutrients play a key role in recovery, sleep, immunity, and more. Here are five micronutrients you might not be getting enough of, especially if you’re training multiple times a week.

How to Apply the 80/20 Eating Rule with Athletes?

Tips For Lunch on the Go

Athletes’ schedules can be quite hectic; classes, meetings, practices, games. It can be tough to find time to squeeze in a balanced meal. A midday meal is important for recovery from morning workouts, fueling the rest of the day, and maintaining focus to get through classes. Getting proper nutrition while constantly on the go can be difficult, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to make sure you’re getting the fuel you need no matter how busy life gets.

What Type of Foods will Help Me to Control Inflammation?

Are You Using these 5 Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money and Time?

Grocery shopping bills continue to climb and take up more of the family budget with no end in sight. We share practical tips on how to save money when going grocery shopping. Does your mother implement these tips? 

Are Carbs and Fats both Necessary for Post-Workout Nutrition?

Post-workout recovery is a critical part of a great sports nutrition plan but what are the roles of carbs and fats for your post-workout nutrition? Are they really necessary or should I just focus on protein?

Where to Find a Great, Practical Grocery Shopping List for Athletes?

Do you want a quick and handy shopping guide that includes all of our most popular foods in a grocery store. Check this out and download our shopping list!

What is the Role of Carbohydrates to Improve Your Athletic Performance? How to Make the Best Choices?

Top 10 Tips to Decrease Inflammation and Enhance Immunity in the Athlete

Understanding the role inflammation has in the body is critical and often overlooked. Learn 10 practical tips on how to decrease inflammation and enhance your immunity to gain a competitive advantage! 

How Often Should Someone Weigh Themselves to Monitor Results?

Losing body weight is common goal of many people. If done correctly can have lots of healthy benefits. How often should someone weigh themselves to monitor their progress? 


How Does Being Dehydrated Impact Athletic Performance?

Pre-Competition & Workout Fueling

How Big Should My Pre-Game Meal Be?

How Much Fluid Should I Drink Before A Game?

What are Some Great Pre-Game Meal Options for an Morning Competition?

What are the real benefits of eating a great pre-game meal? Are there any or does it really matter? What is a great pre-game meal if I have an morning competition?

I Don’t Have An Appetite Before Games. Do I Need To Eat Something? What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat for a Pre-Workout Snack?

Pre-workout snacks can make a big you know what it is? Learn what you should eat for a pre-workout snack to increase your energy levels during your workout!

7 Tips for a Great Pre-game Meal

Should I Eat Breakfast Before or After Workouts?

Getting started each day on a positive note all starts with eating a great breakfast. Which is best to eat before or after your workout? Does it make a difference?

What Should I Eat to Keep me Energized for an Entire Football Practice?

Knowing which snack to eat can make all the difference in keeping you energized for the entire football practice. Don't go into football practice hungry or tired...check out these top 10 snacks!

Post-Workout Fueling

Post Workout Meal: Recovering Faster with Nutrition

Window of Opportunity

You've just completed a very intense 90 minute strength and conditioning workout and your body is tired but also hungry and is primed for calories. Now that your muscles have been broken down and your gas tank is empty, the window of opportunity to refill is closing and depending on when you consume your post workout calories, could determine where your body will breakdown more muscle than it repairs.

Podcast Notes

1)      What happens during an intense strength and conditioning workout

2)      Importance of Post Workout Nutrition

3)      The “Window of Opportunity” to maximize muscle recovery

4)      Ideal amount of carbohydrates and protein to maximize recovery?

5)      How much protein do I really need after a workout?

6)      Is food or fluid best to consume post workout?

What is the Best Post-Workout Meal if I am Trying to Lose Weight?

Muscle recovery is important after a workout but what if I a trying to lose weight does it matter what I eat?

Weight Gain or Weight Loss

How to Control Large Portions When Eating Out?

Eating out and choosing healthy options can be very challenging. Overeating is a common problem but how do I manage the large potions of food served?

Can I Lose Fat & Gain Muscle at the Same Time?

What are Some Important Tips to Remember When Trying to Lose Weight?

Losing body weight is common goal of many people. If done correctly can have lots of healthy benefits. What are some basic principles to remember when trying to lose weight?

What is Unique about an Athlete and Having a Plan for Nutrition?

Athlete's do a lot of planning and preparation to be successful. But when it comes to nutrition they must have a plan in place to fuel their bodies to its maximum potential.

How Often Should Someone Weigh Themselves to Monitor Results?

Losing body weight is common goal of many people. If done correctly can have lots of healthy benefits. How often should someone weigh themselves to monitor their progress?

What are the Top 3 Workout Snacks for Football Players that want to Increase Energy Levels and Build Muscle?

Snacks are super important and I don't think many will disagree. However, many athletes just assume that most snacks are actually not very healthy. Check out our top 3 workout snacks for football players.

The Power of Habits for Weight Loss - Dr. Brad Dieter

One of the most complicated puzzles to solve in today’s society is losing weight safely and effectively. What’s even more important is how can you maintain that weight loss once you’ve reached your body weight goal? With over 70% of the US being overweight, there is an increased desire to try any method possible to lose weight. In this episode, Dr. Brad and I talk about the diet and weight loss industry, why have we seen a significant increase in obesity, factors that influence weight loss, and the power of habits and coaching to solve the problem.

Restaurant Choices

How Can I Distinguish Healthy Items on a Restaurant Menu?

How to Navigate a Restaurant Buffet?

What Should Baseball Players Remember when Eating at Restaurants?

Baseball players are often traveling and eat out often. For the serious baseball players who look to properly fuel their body eating out is a big challenge. Not if you use our "Eat Out Without Striking Out" restaurant guide. Download it today!

Nutritional Planning

I Just Don’t Have Enough Time to Plan, What to Do?

Athlete's do a lot of planning and preparation to be successful. What if I am short on time? How can I overcome this so I can do better at planning? 

3 Simple Tricks for Athletes to Eat Well on a Budget

Eating well to support athletic performance can be difficult – especially when you have a tight budget. How can you get the biggest bang for your buck and choose healthy options, all while shopping quickly and efficiently? How can you pack and prepare meals, or make smart decisions while eating out? Luckily, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Follow these quick tips to save money, time, and (most importantly) fuel your body to perform your best.


Which Pre-Workout Supplements Should an Athlete Avoid?

Pre-Workout supplements are a hot topic with athletes. However, buyer beware they are not all created equal. Learn how to quickly distinguish between the Good, Bad and Ugly!

 What the Science Says about Creatine Supplementation and How To Apply It

Let’s talk creatine and science.

 Creatine is a way to replenish, repair, and get more energy in your workout. Scientists have found that after one month of taking creatine, weightlifters increased maximum strength output while minimizing muscle damage.

Whether you’re looking to run faster, jump higher, lift heavier, or cycle longer, here’s what science says about creatine and what it does in the body. 

What is the Role of Protein in order to Improve an Athlete's Athletic Performance?

What does Healthy Snacking Look Like?

Eating a healthy snack is an athlete's goal but what does it look like? What are the best snacks for athletes to focus on and plan to eat during their busy routines? 

How Much Protein Do I Need Post-Workout?