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Speed & Agility Outcomes & Methods

It is important for student-athletes to take advantage of speed and agility opportunities, as the program is designed to help improve performance and prepare them for their upcoming seasons. Dates and times for pre-sport speed and agility sessions are above.

Speed & Agility training may be the most effective way to address the neuromuscular system and sport-specific skills/attributes necessary for sport performance, since speed & agility training most closely resembles the unpredictability of sports.

Athletes that incorporate effective, consistent speed & agility programs into their training improve athleticism, no matter what the sport.

Several factors contribute to speed & agility improvement, including: strength, power, acceleration, deceleration, coordination, perception, reaction, mobility/flexibility and balance. Mustang Speed and Agility is designed to improve all aspects of athleticism. 

Improvement in these areas can give athletes an edge in competition and aid in prevention of injury (durability*)

The methods used include: Linear Speed Drills, Agility Drills, Change of Direction Drills, Plyometrics, Medicine Ball Throws, Relative Body Weight Strengthening , Resistance Bands, Mobility/Flexibility Exercises, and more. 

*Injuries in sports are unavoidable and impossible to fully eliminate, but through a well-developed speed and agility program injuries can be significantly reduced.

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