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Maximizing human performance and leadership skills for student-athletes to excel in competition and life.


To engage, educate, and empower students to pursue excellence, lead with integrity, and positively impact the world.


Compete today to be better than yesterday.


Be the best at everything that doesn't require talent (AED).



1. GRATEFUL - Thankful the people and the opportunity (Humility)

2. POSITIVE - To see the good in every situation (Vision)

3. RESILIENT - Ability to bounce back from failures (Grit)


1. SELFLESS - Servant-Hearted Leadership (We > Me)

2. DETAILED - Do your best no matter how trivial the task (ATD)

3. RELENTLESS - Never quit, find a way or make one (Waves on the Rocks)


1. INTEGRITY - Do what's right no matter the situation (Love Always)

2. ACCOUNTABILITY – Own and be responsible for your actions (Facta Non Verba)

3. LEADERSHIP - Empower others to be their best (Energy-Giver)


1. Increase Durability

  • The Mustang Strength & Speed Program top priority is to keep students safe, both in the weight room and on the field, track, mat, or court. By improving technique and proper movement mechanics through the strength and speed program, our students will develop the necessary physical traits to help withstand the mechanisms of injury.
  • Healthy muscles and joints decrease the chances of injury. When an injury does occur, a well-conditioned, well-trained athlete will recover from the injury quicker.

2. Enhance Sport Performance & Lifetime Wellness

  • The Mustang Strength & Speed Program will help student-athletes reach their top athletic potential through a variety of proven training methods. The goal is for every student-athlete to experience improvements in strength, power, speed, agility, body composition, mobility, and flexibility to help them perform at the highest level possible.


3. Create and Cultivate a Championship Culture

  • The Mustang Strength & Speed Program will develop an elevated level of leadership, focus, maturity, accountability, discipline, competitiveness, and a genuine commitment to the team.
  • Success in sport is as much mental as physical. Our student-athletes will be challenged in the weight room both physically and mentally. They will leave the weight room confident that they can handle the demands of life and sport with success.

4. Educate on Nutrition Habits

  • The Mustang Strength & Speed Program will teach student-athletes how to fuel their bodies for high performance and lifetime wellness. The REFUEL nutrition education program teaches student-athletes the daily habits they need to adopt to promote proper nutrition for peak performance.

5. Develop the Foundations of Mustang Nation

  • Get Involved
  • Excellence in the Arena
  • Service above Self
  • Champions in Life