Lebo Media Arts

Welcome to Media Production

This site is your portal to the choose-your-own journey of media production class.

At the top of the page is a horizontal menu with links to resources. Below, select your class in order to find the quests for your course:

Each strand will contain some combination of these parts:

    • Introduction
    • Instruction, which culminates in an online quiz
    • Learning Through Production
        • Creating / Planning
        • Producing
    • Screening and Reflection
        • Responding
        • Connecting
    • Revision (optional)
        • Re-envisioning of piece
            • Creating / planning
            • Producing
        • Post-Revision Reflection

In order to earn credit for your accomplishments, you will:

    • Track your achievements against the course standards using your personalized tracking form
    • Share your work with the class during screenings and updates
    • Write about your discoveries and journey on your blog to share your work with your peers and other interested parties.

If you have questions or concerns, please use the contact information below.

Contact Information

Ms. Michelle Kramer

Email: mkramer@mtlsd.net

Student Blogs: http://blog.mtlsd.org/MediaArts/

Department Website: https://sites.google.com/a/mtlsd.net/lebotv/

Phone: 412-344-2110