Naperville - Day 2

How could you bring this back to your peers?

The Project Based Learning Process

Problem -- Purpose -- Solution -- Work -- Presentation of Learning

Yearlong Project

Whole Class OR Individual/Group


Content Project

Individual Group

Finding a Meaningful Project Worth Doing


Picking a Problem

Some Problems With Picking a Problem...

Picking a Problem

How can technology help bring meaning to a student's project?

How might we

Prize Giveaway!

Crazy 8s

Or you could just use Paper...

What do we have so far? (Responses)

Let's Take a Break


The Work

The Work

Let's Build and Plan It Out

What will you do?


5th Grade Long Range Plans


Simplify The Format

The Work (continued)


"What should our students actually DO?"

K-1 Video Idea

Clip 1 - What problem/content are you trying to solve? - Reiteration (How has it changed?)

Clip 2 - What have you done so far on this project? (Individual or Whole Group)

Clip 3 - What are you doing next? (Individual or Whole Group)

2-5 Idea

Doesn't have to be "perfect" but must show...

  1. The student is actively working to solve a problem in the school or community or world.
  2. Some type of documentation of what they've accomplished since their last documentation.

Presentation of Learning Night

Invite the Community / Grandparents / Parents / ETC

"Do it up right"

Passion Project Week

Presentation of Learning


How do or could you showcase your students' BEST work to the community?