Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Google Forms...

...but Were too Afraid to Ask

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Google Forms*

This is a Google Form that showcases some of the different types of questions that can be asked of your students, faculty, or staff. I'm constantly adding to this, so feel free to check back at any time!

In the "Form Description" for each question, I've given a quick tutorial of how to create that question type.

Some Sample Google Forms

Turn a Google Form into a Self-Scoring Assessment

Keep Track of Student Observations All Year with docAppender.

Responses Automatically Fill in a Document in a Google Drive Folder

Have a class "store" on a Form. Think "Amazon"-esque.

Using Data Validation, make students type a "password" before they can view page two.

Automatically collect student email address and allow only one response per person.

Admins, give your whole school access to one Form, and have them fill it out after every conference.

Automatically Close a Form with Form Limiter

Using the Check in/Check out Add-on

Branching logic to create a choose your own adventure game!

Email Notifications for Forms

Make All Your Questions Required

(In Case You Forgot to Do It The First Time)

Remove Options from a Form with Form Ranger

Here's how to make a map from responses on a Form.

Where have we all been?