Virtual Reality (is what we're living in)

Google Expeditions

On your phones, download the app called "Google Expeditions". It should look like an orange flag.

Log in, say you want to become an "Explorer".

Switch your WIFI network to the one called "Expeditions". The password is "newcello729"

Go back to Expeditions, refresh it. You should see an "Expedition" that I've started.

Let's go.

How to Create Your Own Virtual Reality Images

Challenge #1

Let's go create some Virtual Reality images of C.A.G.

Search the app store on your phone for "Street View" by Google.

Using the Street View app, go out and create some 360 degree images of C.A.G.

Find some interesting spots you would like to share imagery of.

Challenge #2

Let's Make Some 360 Degree Films

We're going to be using a Ricoh Theta V Camera.

Our 360 film is going to use all of us.

We're going to publish it to Youtube

We're going to view it in Virtual Reality.

Challenge #3

Let's Play!

Search the App Store or Google Play for "Virtual Reality" or "Augmented Reality"

If you have an iPhone or iPad, search for "Surreal"

There are HUNDREDS of Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps

Spend some time playing around, seeing what you can create.

These are Some of my Favorite Virtual Reality Apps

VR Apps

List of Available Google Expeditions

[Expeditions] - List of Available Expeditions