Naperville Training



Some Geeky Time-Saving-Tips

Doc Appender for Student Feedback/Running Records

Check It Out to Keep Track of Class Materials

Doc Tools Add On for Google Docs

QR Code Generator for Google Sheets

Event-O-Matic for Sheets and Calendar

Post-It Plus

Chrome Extensions

Spice Up Your Browser with Chrome Extensions

You just learned some time saving tools. Let's put it to good use! Create something you can use with your students/staff tomorrow!

Parent Communication?

New Google Sites - Cleaner, Slicker

Holding Weekly Team Youtube Live/Hangout on Air for Parents

  • Get Students to Help!

Doc Appender (Again)

  • Have a Google Form with all of your students names on it
  • Create a "Doc" for each student and connect each DOC to the Form
  • Share each Doc with Parents - Real Time Feedback

Blogger with Email Notifications

  • Oldie but a Goodie


Storytelling with Digital Tools

Blended Learning/Flipped Classroom

Quizizz - Classroom Trivia with a twist!

Kahoot - Oldie but a Goodie

Wrap up/Final Questions/Share

And just for fun...

Google Sheets Fantasy Football

Google Sheets Fantasy Football

BreakoutEDU: Digital.

Create Your Own "Where the heck are we, Class?" games?

Choose Your Own Adventure Using Google Forms Branching Logic