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Level One Training

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Years Teaching -

Where you grew up -

Something interesting about yourself that no one would ever guess -

Who is Here?
Level 1 and Level 2 Overview

It's time to Take a Break...

Google Drive or Google Docs

Organization Tips

6 Big Things to Know about Google Docs



Google Classroom Discussion: What are some collaborative lesson ideas that can be used in the classroom?

Google Forms

Google Forms (Create, Responses, and Classroom Uses)

Show Responses via "Responses Tab" or on the Spreadsheet

New Quiz Feature

Add Images as Options

Soon File Upload!

Google Sheets


(Basic Operations, Basic Charts, Protected Sheets and Ranges)

Round Robin Discussion Time!

Round Robin Research and Informal Presentations:

Sources on the Internet: How do we know if they are accurate/false? Best practices for teaching students. Got Credibility

Let's Share!

Day Two

Getting Back in Gear

Let's chat in groups. Talk about the elements of yesterday’s sections that seemed most interesting. Share around the room. Do you all have any questions? Want to see anything again?

New Search Skill?

What Time is It?

Break time...


What do you NEED to Know?

-Threaded Conversations

-Labels (no "Folders" in Gmail)

-Tasks (your to-do list)

-Settings (Vacation Reminders, Signature)

-Labs (Canned Responses)

Google Calendar

This has saved my life more times than I can count...

-Difference between "Calendar" and "Event"


-Create an event?

-Hangout links?

-Attach documents?

The New Google Sites

*this was literally released to the public a week ago

What Comes Next?

Work Without Me: Choose a tool or two that you can look into a bit deeper on your own

Getting Ready for the

Level 1 Exam


Review your self-check from yesterday. What do you now know?

There are two avenues for being ready for the exam

(1) connecting with colleagues at least weekly between the workshop and the exam to discuss what you're learning.

(2) looking up tutorials on YouTube.

Take a closer look at the resources on the Google Level 1 site. Be sure to take a few minutes to look at something on that page daily - even a few minutes of poking around can keep things fresh in your mind.

Register Here (Click the "Register for Level 1 Exam" button

Remember - It takes 24-48 hours for your Exam to be ready

You have ONE WEEK to take it once your exam is done.

You must score above 80% to pass

Take it in an "Incognito Window" (Command-Shift-N on your Macbooks)

Pin the tab with the Exam in it to your Chrome Browser so you don't accidentally close it

Take the exam OFF Campus if in Kentucky (Gmail Won't Open...)

It's HALF multiple choice/HALF performance tasks

"Open Internet" Exam.

I always appreciate feedback, so any you could give me would be most helpful!