Lesson 8

Grove - Moisture Sensor

This sensor can be used to detect the moisture of the soil. It detects if there is water around the sensor.

Simply insert the sensor into the soil and it will read the water level. This is very useful to gardeners because hey will know if they need to water the plants.

The sensor will give an output value of '0' in a dry soil, '300' in a humid soil and '700' in water.

Task 1

  • Program the micro:bit to read data form the moisture sensor.
  • When Button A is pressed, the sensor will read the value and inform user the followings

-if value is less than or equal to '50', display a sad face for 3 sec followed by the text "WATER ME!!"

-if value is more than '50', display a happy face for 3 sec followed by the text "WELL HYDRATED"