Lesson 5

Tembusu Integration Board

It is used to connect the Groove modules to the micro:bit.

Groove modules

  • Grove Buzzer: Connects to digital output, emits tone with output is high
  • Grove Sound Sensor : Connects to analog output. Based on the LM358 amplifier and electret microphone. Used to detect sound strength of the environment.
  • Grove Rotary Angle Sensor: Produces analog output between 0 and VCC. The angular range is 300 degrees with linear change in value.
  • Mini Fan (DC motor) : Connects output to a DC motor. Turn on when pin is turned to high.
  • Grove LEDs: Display light effects from digital outputs.
  • Grove Moisture Sensor : Detects moisture level based on resistivity
  • Grove Mini Servo Motor: Output motion control device where its position can be precisely controlled
  • Vibration Motor: Connects to a digital output. When triggered high, it produces vibration effect.
  • Light Sensors : Detects level of ambient illumination to trigger light brightness.
  • Grove cables: Easy to use plug-and-play connectors in various length

Task 1

  • Program the LED to display the angle when your micro:bit is tilted up and down.
  • When the angle is more than 10 degrees, the buzzer will emit a sound.

Task 2

  • Program the LED to display the bearings of the compass direction.
  • When it is pointing to the North, the buzzer will emit a sound.