"No one rises to low expectations." J. Escalante

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The purpose of this website is to provide parents with information in regard to curriculum, instruction and assessment.

The "curriculum" is the "what" and is defined by the Illinois State Board of Education by a set of standards called The New Illinois Learning Standards. This guides what we teach and what the students should "know and be able to do" by the end of each grade level.

" Instruction' is the "how." The State does not define or dictate how we teach the set of standards. Teams of grade level or content-area teachers work collaboratively to plan effective and differentiated lessons that engage students in activities where content knowledge can be applied at high levels.

How do we know students have learned the intended content and are able to apply the skills or knowledge? We create "assessment" opportunities where students can demonstrate mastery against the set of standards. Mastery toward a standard or set of standards is then reported in various ways. (ie. rubrics, grades, standards based grading, etc). Lastly, data gleamed from assessments is used to inform instruction. What students "know and are able to demonstrate independently on a given day" is the best indicator of mastery.

As the Mendota Elementary CUSD #289 Curriculum Director I work closely with all administrators and certified staff to define the what, plan the how, and create assessments that help evaluate student performance and plan effective instruction to teach, reteach, remediate and/or extend the learning to meet the needs of all learners.

I have been in this exciting business of education for 28 years, with the distinct privilege of serving students in the classroom for 12 years and serving as an administrator for the remainder. I earned my BS in Elementary Education in 1981 from Illinois State University, my Master's in Curriculum & Instruction in 1991 from National-Louis University , and my Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction in 2015 from Aurora University. I enjoy working with staff in analyzing data to improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

If you have any questions about the information shared on this webpage, please feel free to contact me at 815-539-7631 EXT 314 or by email at bwacke@m289.org.