LSHS Student Handbook


Welcome, Vikings, to the 2018-19 school year!

The purpose of this handbook is to define, express, and reinforce the positive culture we celebrate at Lake Stevens High School. As we begin our journey together, we invite you to review these five guiding principles that help shape how your student leadership team serves you this year.


We are all here together as members of one Viking Family. We value and respect all students as integral parts of the Viking Experience.


We are here to support each other; to give of ourselves not only to our fellow Vikings, but also to our Viking community at large.

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As Vikings, we respect, support, and are thankful for our individual differences. Those differences, make us who we are, and help connect us together.


As we support one another, we also make time to heal, to start again, and to never give up. We look for ways to begin again and to grow stronger as we learn together.


We celebrate that which makes us strong, unique, and resilient. We are 1800+ strong, and we believe that all students deserve to be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments.

Principal's Welcome

Greetings Viking Students and families,

Welcome to Lake Stevens High School where it truly is a great day to be a Viking! On behalf of the LSHS administrative team, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year. It is with great pride in traditions that we at LSHS enter the year with full excitement for the adventures that lay ahead.

Parents - thank you for entrusting us with your young adults who make every day at LSHS such a wonderful place to be! We warmly welcome you to a school year of excellence in learning and look forward to partnering with you!

Students - this school year is for you! We invite you to make the most of every moment, pursue your dreams, and prepare to leave a legacy as you demonstrate the skills to be the best Viking you could ever be!

Lake Stevens High School is one of the finest in the state, and we are committed to making your high school experience first class. This resource is one step in fulfilling that commitment. We are pleased you've taken the time to visit our fully online Student/Parent Handbook. Our hope is that you find this resource to be user-friendly as it has been prepared to help both students and parents become more familiar with the general policies and procedures at LSHS. We ask that you make it a priority to get to know the staff, the programs, and policies we offer and let us know if you have any questions.

At Lake Stevens High School, our mission is to prepare students to be lifelong learners through rigor, relevance, and relationships. Student success is a shared responsibility between staff, students, and parents. Our students are embraced by a community of teachers, support staff, administrators, and parents who ensure our school is a place where students feel safe, are cared for, and enjoy learning with grit and positive persistence. We continue to strive toward student achievement in a positive and caring environment.

A common thread throughout our school is the strong teaching staff and support personnel. We are very fortunate to have an incredible group of teachers who work collaboratively to ensure we meet the needs of all our students. Together we are a team of caring individuals who everyday strive for our students to be good scholars and citizens who are prepared to be college and career ready. Most importantly, these strong staff and support personnel are most likely to be successful when they are working with students who come to school with a growth mindset, a desire to learn and actively participate in their own academic, social, and emotional growth.

As most of you know, this year we have taken the next step on our exciting and challenging journey - entering the construction phase of three year modernization/remodel project. This project will provide improvements to the following: overall school safety, and bus loading areas; upgrades to campus security; creating new learning spaces for general education, special education, music and athletics; improvements to the swimming pool; upgraded restrooms; replacement of heating, ventilation, roofing and electrical systems, and more. As with all projects of this scale, at times this journey will more than likely present some opportunities requiring us to be flexible, and we’re confident that by working together we can overcome anything that comes our way. We invite you to join us in this adventure by preparing to be on a campus under construction by paying special attention to the Construction Safety Awareness section.

All my best,

Leslie Ivelia

ASB President's Welcome

Hey Vikings!

As you probably noticed noticed when you walked on campus today, this year is going to be different. It feels different and it sure looks different too. For most of us, that’s a little scary and intimidating. We’re not used to different. But I want to remind you all that this year will not be defined by our differences, but rather by our similarities. When it comes down to it, we are more alike than different. Growing up with a younger sibling with a disability, this is a mantra I have loved my entire life. I know it applies at our school also. We each have a unique perspective and experience, but all share in our role as Vikings. I hope that together, we can work to create a place that is kind and inclusive, that values tradition, but isn’t afraid to think outside the box. This year is truly what we make it, despite all the changes happening around us.

With that being said, we spend over a thousand hours here at school every year. Time truly goes by faster when you’re having fun. Just think about it: two hours taking a test feels much longer than two hours spent with your best friend. So, you can either spend your time here just waiting for it to pass by, or you can make the most of it. Personally, I’ve chosen to use high school as an opportunity to do the things I enjoy: serving others, distance running, and learning about the world around me. I encourage you all to do the same. Find something you love and stick to it, whether that be joining a club, sport, or simply making a new friend. We have tons of wonderful opportunities for you to find your place here, from playing quidditch with Harry Potter Club, to singing and dancing in our fall musical, cheering on your friends at a basketball game, or serving the community with Key Club (and that’s just to name a few). There is a place for everyone here, and I hope you will seek yours.

Lastly, just a reminder that my biggest priority is to serve you and ensure the inclusion of all students on campus. Please feel free to ask me questions about my vision for this year as I want your voice to be heard. Have a great rest of your year and I hope to see you around!

Emma DeFrang - LSHS 2018-19 ASB President