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Anna Zimmer, Sophomore

Sheanna Larson, Senior

Garrett Fowler, Junior

Mina Brunkhorst, Sophomore

Retiring from Fergus

Elizabeth Craven, Senior

"Many might have heard that a couple of teachers plan to retire this year. Those teachers are Mrs. Armstad and Mr. Drivdahl ...They've been teaching for many years; a short lifetime in some eyes, and as the year winds down they prepare themselves for the transition. Armstad doesn't seem to be counting the days but Mr. Drivdahl, on the other hand, is excited to get to work on his retirement plan."

Cheerfest 2017

Jena Gallagher, Sophomore

"The 2017 Cheerfest was a fun event to watch, unless you were performing, then it might have gotten a little stressful! Every year, on March 17, the Central Montana Cheerfest is hosted by the Fergus High Cheerleaders. Teams from all over the state travel to Lewistown to compete in the annual competition."

FHS Spring Sports 2017

Rush Thomas, Freshman

"The recent start of spring sports at Fergus High has energized students after a cold winter to get outside again. The spring activities are of course, track, tennis, and softball. With the sports having started on Monday, March thirteenth, students are already excited and eager each day to go to their sports."

GSA: Fergus's Greatest Improvement

Marie Brunkhorst, Senior

"The latest addition to Fergus High’s community, GSA is meant to boost participants’ morale, and encourages them to befriend new people. The GSA Club, an acronym for Gay-Straight Alliance, or Genders and Sexualities Alliance, is an organization that encourages the heterosexual and the LGTBQ community to support one another, as well as provide a safe environment to socialize."

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