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Meet the Team

Counsellor for Student
Last Names: A - Di

Counsellor for Student
Last Names: Do - Lee

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Child and Youth
Family Support  

Child and Youth
Family Support  

What We Do

School Counselling services are designed to support students, their families, and educators. These services are intended to facilitate the educational, personal, social, emotional and career development of students in schools and in the community. The focus of school counselling is to empower students toward positive change. 

Description of services:

School counsellors:

Access to school counselling services:

At Dover Bay students can access counselling support by requesting an appointment.  Slips are available in the counselling area for students to fill out to inform their counsellor that they would like to be called down to meet. Please note, that counsellors do their best to get to each student in a timely fashion, however, crisis situations can arise and cause a delay in service.  

Timetable changes & semester start-up:

At the beginning of each semester students will have opportunities to request an appointment to change their timetable if necessary.  It is best for students to meet with their counsellors to make timetable changes in person as some changes require decision-making to take place. During these times of high volume, counsellors will be unable to make timetable changes via e-mail or phone.

Parent Communication

Absences: Please call the main office to report an absence. Leave a message at 250-756-4595, available 24/7.

* If you receive an absent email home but your student says they were only late, please contact the teacher to confirm. Teacher Email Addresses can be found on the Dover Bay website under the top tab titled “Our School”->"Staff Directory".

Report Cards: You can access through MyEd BC through the Parent portal. Please contact the front office (number above) if you are not able to access the portal. Paper reports are no longer sent home.

Maintaining Communication with classroom Teachers supports student success.

Check out the Getting Started section for New Dover Student and Parent Information