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P (Pursuing)

E (Excellence)

P (People-Building Positive Relationships)

E (Experiences- Creating Lifelong Memories)

The Goal of Indian Land High School PE is to be the BEST PE PROGRAM IN SOUTH CAROLINA (PE STATE CHAMPS #1) by developing physically fit students, who make proud choices which will improve their quality of life within the local community.

The mission of Indian Land High School PE is to set high expectations to develop:

  • A variety of motor skills/concepts, movement strategies

  • Fitness activities

  • Responsibility, social interaction, and

  • Develop an appreciation towards lifetime activity

Through a positive, actively engaged environment that provides a safe, fun, and successful experience for all students.

KUDo's (Know-Understand-Do)

Coach Rogers, Coach Honeycutt, and Coach Morris playing around with some of their favorite equipment!

South Carolina PE

Standard 1: The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns. (Psychomotor Domain)

Standard 2: The physically literate individual demonstrates knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance. (Cognitive Domain)

Standard 3: The physically literate individual achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness. (Psychomotor Domain)

Standard 4: The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings. (Affective Domain)

Standard 5: The physically literate individual demonstrates awareness that physical activity provides the opportunity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction. (Affective Domain)

South Carolina Health Standards

Standard 1: Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.

Standard 2: Students will analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors.

Standard 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to access valid information, products, and services to enhance health.

Standard 4: Students will demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks.

Standard 5: Students will demonstrate the ability to use decision-making skills to enhance health.

Standard 6: Students will demonstrate the ability to use goal-setting skills to enhance health.

Standard 7: Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks.

Standard 8: Students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health.”

Food Guide Pyramid


Physical Activity Pyramid

Physical Education and Academia

(Regular Physical Activity Improves Academic Performance)

Multiple studies have shown that students who participate in regular physical activity achieve higher test scores and grades in math, science, social studies, English, and all other elective classes! Physical activity has been shown to help students become more mentally and socially adjusted. Here is the link to a study by the CDC titled : "The Association Between School-Based Physical Activity, Including Physical Education, and Academic Performance"

Physical Literacy is the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of a whole person.

Physical education (PE) develops the physically literate individual through deliberate practice of well-designed learning tasks that allow for skill acquisition in an instructional climate focused on mastery.

During physical education class, students practice the knowledge and skills they have learned through physical activity (PA), which is defined as any bodily movement that results in energy expenditure.

Health Literacy is the ability to access, understand, appraise, apply and advocate for health information and services in order to maintain or enhance one's own health and the health of others.

The goal of health education is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead healthy lifestyles. A skills-based approach is a best practice for delivering high-quality health education.

Health literacy is an important measure of the effectiveness of health education and is critical to ensuring that students have the ability to be healthy throughout their lives.

Health-literate people are able to address their own health needs along with the needs of others. They are able to obtain and apply knowledge and skills to enhance their own health and the health of others — both now and in the future as their needs change throughout their lives.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has become a critical component of educating today's youth. In school districts across the

country, SEL is no longer just a classroom lesson but a system-wide framework involving a coordinated

approach in classrooms, schools, communities, and family units.

Research has shown that these efforts can lead to behavioral and academic outcomes including

                  • Positive social behavior

                  • Fewer conduct referrals

                  • Less emotional distress

                  • Improved academic performance

Social-Emotional Learning Challenge:

No child left without a fist bump and a smile

(Fist bump + Smile = Fist bump + Smile)

"Moving students to success with 1 FIST BUMP and 1 SMILE at a time"

"Learning starts with Maslow's and ends with Bloom's"

Maslow's Hierarchy

STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math)

Science: • Friction- soccer ball inside on floor vs. outside on grass • Momentum- seed, force, mass, velocity • Force- throwing: overhand to a partner at a short distance vs. to a partner at a longer distance • Frog Launch: potential/kinetic energy and trajectory • Technology: •Chromebook testing• Pedometers- lifetime wellness enhancement • iPad analysis- skill analysis • iPad QR code- formative assessments, task cards, etc. • Heart Rate Monitors • Engineering: • Hula Huts • Obstacle Course Creation • Arts: • Dance • Educational Gymnastics • Mathematics: • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division- food cards, flash cards, Heart Rate Calculations • Graphing- pedometer steps per day

5 Reasons Why Physical Education is as Important as School Work:

  1. Enhances an individual's ability to concentrate and maintain focus

  2. Important for healthy growth and development

  3. Prevents sleep deprivation

  4. Helps in relieving stress and anxiety

  5. Physical education makes an individual flexible and happy

COVID-19 Hybrid Learning (Face to face and virtual) Class Tracks

Indian Land High School

has 4 different Class Tracks this year:

A Track- Physically comes to school Face-To-Face on Monday and Tuesday. Stays at home Virtually on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

B Track- Stays at home Virtually on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Physically comes to school Face-To-Face non Thursday and Friday.

C Track- (Virtual A Day)- Stays at home Virtually everyday. Signs in Virtually for attendance on Monday and Tuesday. Stays at home for Regular Virtual on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

D Track- (Virtual B Day)- Stays at home Virtually everyday. Stays at home for Regular Virtual Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Signs in Virtually for attendance on Thursday and Friday.

Coach Rogers, Coach Honeycutt, and Coach Morris

Coach Honeycutt, Coach Morris, Coach Rogers, and Coach Bagwell with masks on.

Coach Honeycutt, Coach Morris, Coach Rogers, and Coach Bagwell.

Syllabus PE and Health COVID-19
Parent/Guardian Consent Form-Bagwell

Please click the tape below to request songs to be added to the PE play list!

We will make sure that we have an edited version before adding it to the list

5 Day Routine Overview (A and C Day Track)
Copy of 5 Day Routine Detailed (A/C Day Track)
5 Day Routine Overview (B Day and D Day Track)
5 Day Routine Detailed (B and D Day Track)


(see student's grades, average, and attendance)

Google Classroom

(see student's assignments and teacher messages)

Bitmoji classroom

The Bitmoji classroom is updated WEEKLY with all assignments for the week.

ALL ASSIGNMENTS will be due Fridays at 11:59 PM (FITNESS FORM, PE Test and Health Test) and no re-submissions will be accepted.

NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS will be accepted as students have the entire week (5 days) to complete them.

Students should not copy and paste from the presentation and should use their own words (with the exception of definitions).

There will be NO LIVE CLASS INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS done in Physical Education classes

(since all assignments are located on Google Classroom, Bitmoji Classroom and our PE Website).

A/C Track Bitmoji Classroom

This is the current A/C Classroom


B/D Track Bitmoji Classroom

This is the current B/D Classroom


Previous Bitmoji Classrooms

View past Bitmoji Classrooms by clicking on the correct one below

Fitness Forms

Each week, students will complete a Fitness Form to turn in on FRIDAY by 11:59 pm. NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED, as students have the entire week (5 days) to complete it and no re-submissions will be accepted. Students should not copy and paste from the presentation and should use their own words (with the exception of definitions).

A/c Fitness Form Complete

Click to see a BLANK A/C Fitness Form.

(You will need to make a copy in order to edit it)

A/C Fitness Form
B/D Fitness Form Complete

Click to see a BLANK B/D Fitness Form.

(You will need to make a copy in order to edit it)

B/D Fitness Form

"Wheel of names"

This website is used to randomly select students to speak (answer questions/present information) to their class peers regarding words of the day, sport activities, health topics, motivational videos, reading article reflections, and lifetime fitness workouts.

Greatest team game

"Mission Impossible"


4 pieces of equipment

Move through a minefield

5 levels

Do YOU think YOU could complete Mission Impossible?

Click play below to watch the video of our students try and complete the game of Mission Impossible



Click to Play Video

Singapore PE specialists and USC PE department chair observed our PE classes engaged in a combination of fitness activities:

Click to Play Videos

Set up net-wall games/word of the day/health concept of the day/GOTCHA/roll call/get'em hooked
Entrance/warm-ups/skills and drills/net-wall game play/rotations
Net-wall clean up/take down

Click to Play Videos

IMG_1337 (1).MOV
Entrance/warm-up/skills and drills/football routes
IMG_1345 (1).MOV
Invasion game play/rotation
IMG_1355 (1).MOV
Invasion game clean up/take down

South Carolina State PE Champs!

Why we are STATE CHAMPS:

  1. Prompt 100%

  2. Prepared 100%

  3. Dressed Out 100%

  4. Participation 100%

  5. Equipment for every student 100%

  6. Motor Skills Assessment iPad video and Google Form - checklist rating rubric (Individual/Peer)

  7. Cognitive Skills Assessment Chromebook and Google Form -multiple choice rubric (Individual/Peer)

  8. Jobs - Student leaders taking ownership of their learning and enhancement of social development which enables individuals to react well with other people

  9. Activities - 20+ Fitness Areas (PE word of the day, Health Concept of the day, PE Kahoot game, Health Taboo game, PE/Health literacy cross-curricular library, and GOTCHA daily home activity)

  10. Showcase our program at PE workshops/conferences around the country



Create a safe, positive, and relaxed environment


Establish a routine

2nd block PE 1

4th block PE 1

H.O.P.E. (Helping Others through Physical Education) Club

To recognize our local community food bank needs and to challenge our student body to take the responsibility to give back to their community while engaging in weekly physical activity


Improves confidence, self-esteem, motor skills, performance, and school spirit!

3rd block PE 1

PE Student Leaders

Camden and Leah

FITNESSGRAM form for pre/post testing.

blank FITNESSGRAM.docx

Students will set individual goals to achieve, maintain, and improve their desired fitness levels

GOTCHA (Get Off The Couch Home Activity)

GOTCHA PDF 2020.pdf

Encouraging physical activity outside of the classroom

Student Jobs

Student Job Final watermarked.docx

Student Driven Classroom

Student's "Run the Show"

Rewards and Incentives


Respect, Manners, Attitude, Work Ethic, Leadership, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Cooperation

Motivational Monday


Watch Inspirational Videos of

Life Situations and Resiliency

daily rewards for exhibiting responsible personal and social behavior

"The Champion" by Carrie Underwood, featuring Ludacris, has become a PE motto!

Warriors Are Champions!

C - Courage

H - Hurt/Honor

A - Attitude

M - Motivation

P - Perseverance

I - Integrity

O - Optimism

N - Never Give Up

Warriors ARE:





how to create a championship program?

Mindset - Boys on the Boat - Legacy

Mindset: Inspire a growth mindset

Boys on the Boat: Encourage everyone to get on board

Legacy: Impact students through positive experiences

Leadership Fitness: Developing and reinforcing successful, positive leaders

Do You Want to Become Successful and a Champion in Life?

Out-work and Out-serve

"The Mindset of a Winner"

Kobe Bryant

"It's Time to Get After It!"

Eric Thomas

Click play below to watch the video of a variety of fitness activities

ILHS PE National Movie.mp4

Do you want to go fast?


Do you want to go far?

90 Day Plan (Overview)

90 day plan 2019 (1).docx

90 Day Plan (Detailed)

90 Day Plan 2020

The state of South Carolina requires 1 unit of PE for graduation

Meet daily for 90 minutes over 18 weeks

Bell Schedule:

Homeroom 8:30am-9:20am

1st block 9:30am-11:00am

2nd block 11:10am-12:40pm

3rd block 12:50pm-2:50pm (Lunch)

4th block 3:00pm-4:30pm

5 Day Unit Fitness Activity Routine.docx

5 Day Unit Plan (Routine)

Class Start to Finish Lesson Plan)

Top 10 PE Agenda Items FINAL Morris Welcome To Physical Education FINAL Coach Honeycutt (1) (1) (1).docx

Set the Tone to Maximize Learning

1st Day of PE 2020

Social Emotional Health Topics/Presenters

Miranda Langley
John Cane
Judy Rauppius


1. Dress out clothes: t-shirt or sweatshirt, shorts or sweat pants

(separate of what was worn to school), socks, and tennis shoes

2. A 3 ring notebook with loose leaf paper and a pen

3. Chromebook (fully charged) and charger cord


If a student forgets dress out clothes, he/she is required to borrow dress out clothes from the ILHS PE Department with collateral.

Safety and Emergency Drill Procedures

Fire: Get outside nearest door (100+ feet away from the

building) and be quiet

Earthquake: Get down in a tucked position along the side

hallway and be quiet

Tornado: Get down in a tucked position along the side

hallway and be quiet

Lockdown: Get in locked weight room or locker room with

lights out and be quiet

Touching Others/Belongings - ZERO TOLERANCE



*Removed from class and referred to administrator*

Injured students are required to inform their PE teacher immediately and get a hall pass to the nurse in order to diagnose their

condition. A school accidental injury form must be completed and the parent contacted by the student prior

to the end of PE class.

FitnessGram Health-Related Fitness Components

Aerobic Endurance


Muscular Strength

Muscular Endurance

Body Composition

Pacer (20 meter)

Sit and Reach/Trunk Lift



Bioelectrical Body Impedence Analysis



Physical Education Brochure: program overview

Indian Land High GRAD

G - Grades

R - Respect

A - Attendance

D - Diploma

indian land high school


School Phone: (803) 547-7571

Fax: (803) 578-2816

Address: 8063 River Road, Fort Mill, South Carolina 29707


Coach Honeycutt (jerry.honeycutt@lcsd.k12.sc.us)

Coach Rogers (natasha.rogers@lcsd.k12.sc.us)

Coach Morris (margaret.morris@lcsd.k12.sc.us)

PE questions, please contact Melanie Hollis

(803-416-8833) (melanie.hollis@lcsd.k12.sc.us)

Health questions, please contact Miranda Langley (803-283-4995) (mlangley@comporium.net)

Office Hours (main gym):

8:00 am-8:30 am

Calendar 2020-2021 Lancaster County School.pdf

2020-2021 School Calendar

Coach Morris

Coach Rogers

Coach Honeycutt

PE COACHING DREAM TEAM--got your back!

A student made this Cheerios box and shared it with us. We were inspired to make our own Wheaties box!










Teacher Cadets shadowing our PE classes Spring 2020


Fist Bump=Friendship

Muscle=Strong Together

Camel=Got Your Back

“Life-Long Friendships”


A - A

L - Lifetime

O - Of

H - Healthy

A - Activity




IMG_9768 (1).MOV


See Below for our sponsors and partnerships

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without partnering, collaborating, and integrating with our colleagues! Pictured below are Ms. Althof (Art), Coach Bonda (Building Construction), and Coach Robinson (IT):

Trash cans donated by LOWE'S . Ms. Althof and her students designed and painted the trash cans and the plaques.

Coach Bonda has cut out multiple plaques for our students to touch each day as they enter into physical education to focus their mindset on improving their overall physical and mental fitness level.

Coach Robinson has helped us implement a wide variety of technology into our PE classes (ex: Google, videos of student performance, FITNESSGRAM student data, motor skills assessments, and cognitive assessments).

Coach Bonda's students installing the plaques near the doors for students to get "PLAQUE MAGIC!"

Manager: Charles Nichols
Manager: Megan WhiteAsst. Manager: Seth OttingerCommunity Relations: Paige AlvarezCommunity Relations: Kim Reynolds
Manager: Nick Settle
Manager: Louise Pressley
Camille Baldwin
Shannon LandoTori Miello
Shannon Lando's Law Firm donated Heart Rate Monitors for our students to use to assess their level of health

We also partner with colleges, local businesses, and the Indian Land Rotary Club. We encourage students to have a lifelong love of fitness and help some in their quest to become a PE teacher themselves! The IL Rotary club hosts an annual golf tournament and the proceeds help four ILHS students. Two seniors receive college scholarships at the college of their choice. Two students (either sophomore or junior) are sent to attend a leadership camp over the summer at Erskine College.

**click on logos to go to to the websites!**

Indian Land Rotary Club helps keep our ILHS gym looking good! Thanks Brian, Dan, Mike, Don, and the rest of the local businesses!

President: Brian EndresSecretary, Treasurer: Babette A. Sabia
John Cutrone
David Pohorence (owner),Andrew Totherow (manager/trainer)Bayley Milenkovic (manager/trainer) (ANYTIME FITNESS)

Julie Will (Helen Adams Realty) helped us purchase nets and standards for net/wall games

Daniel Kelly (Doctor's Care) donated iPads for our students and teachers to use for skills assessments, attendance, videos, and so much more!

Branch Manager: Lorrie Ayers

Denise Helms

Helped us purchase Pickleball Paddles!

Brian Endres

Adam Cooper and his staff held an ILHS PE Appreciation Day at their office to help donate Heart Rate Monitors for our students

Amber Young donates t-shirts and shorts for our students who are in need of athletic clothing to wear during class.

Check out the ILHS Sideline Store for GREAT personalized items!Anthony1-800-644-4481arogone@bsnsports.com

Director of Development: Terry Tolbert

Samaritan's Feet, and Steppin' High both donated shoes for students who either forgot the appropriate shoes for Physical Education, or may be in need of a pair of shoes due to many reasons.

Contact: Linda Godbold

Weightlifting and PE 2 students with Coach Morris and Amber Young in front of the clothes cabinet that houses the donated clothing.

Students with Amber young and her donated shirts and shorts

Weightlifting students in front of the shoes cabinet that holds and organizes all of the donated shoes

Our clothes cabinet is organized by size and type (bottoms/tops) for easy and quick clothes borrowing.

Our shoe cabinet is also organized by size for quickness so that students that need to borrow items still have plenty of dress out time.

Ronak Patel (pharmacist/owner) helped us to purchase super squish foam coated balls from ADA Sports and Rackets

Josh Hamilton and US Lacrosse donated brand new lacrosse sticks and balls to our department. Josh is working hard with US Lacrosse to bring the sport to our area!

Pam Banks and Net Generation donated brand new tennis rackets, balls, a net, and a tablet to our program!

Multiple organizations and people have helped us with tennis by donating rackets, a stringing machine, balls, ball machine, helping our tennis teams, letting us use their courts, and so much more!

Manager of Community Engagement: Pam Banks
Grant Chair: Kim Ozmon

SCCL Tennis Director - Eddie Chin Contact: Neil Webner

Strikers Bowling Center has helped bring bowling into our school with portable lanes, pins, and inside bowling balls! First Tee has helped us teach the lifetime sport of golf and to help grow the game with our students! Charlotte Hounds Lacrosse has donated lacrosse sticks and balls for our students. Many students are not exposed to the sports of Golf and Lacrosse, so these local business associations have provided our students the opportunity to learn and appreciate new skills!

Greg Perkins and Kim
Mike Burke
Wade Leaphart

Guest Presenters and Speakers

**click on the logo to travel to the website!**
Steps In Motion - Sabrina LeClair
SC DNR - Mark Ferrell
Carolina Yoga - Erica Stajos
Fit Body Boot Camp - Terry Clark
NC Velo Bicycles - Kyle Wyatt
Dance U - Chaunette Marsh
Kenaki Karate - Connie Funderburk

A program designed to assist schools with fundraising while promoting physically active lifestyles and wellness in our students, our schools, our communities and individuals throughout the state of South Carolina.

Kym Kirby: Kkirby@lander.edu

Across the country, today’s children and adolescents — at all grade levels — do not get enough physical activity, and are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. Understanding these challenges, promoting an active school environment, and teaching children how to cope with stress, bullying, and societal pressures can make all the difference.

The health. moves. minds.™ program brings the lessons, activities, and community-building ideas that can help kids live their best lives.

ADA Sports and Rackets

Official PE Equipment Supplier

Indian Land High PE Program

Randy Kempke or Jennifer Martin1-800-234-0460 info@adasportsandrackets.commention Indian Land High School for a discount on all PE equipment orders!

Best Foam Coated Balls


Badminton Rackets

In The Country

The Best ILHS Kids


Best ADA Equipment



ADA PDF for Website.pdf
Scanned Documents (2).pdf
Scanned Documents (1).pdf