Ka Waiwai No Nā Kūpuna

Treasure Of Our Ancestors:

Hawaiian Culture-Based PRACTICES For All

2022 Virtual Summit

& Workshops

March 4th & 5th

April 1st & 2nd

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"Moving from HCBE --> HCBP"

We openly invite ALL to join the movement to perpetuate our most valued and treasured resources, the cultural ‘ike (knowledge) and PRACTICES of our kūpuna (Native Hawaiian ancestors).

Summit Guiding Question

Our summit intends to address the following question:

"Amidst the uncertainty and dynamic challenges of today’s modern world, how might one engage in Hawaiian Culture-Based Practices to build connections with others, improve total well-being, and perpetuate Hawaiian cultural traditions for future generations?"

Manaʻo Nui

2022 Virtual Summit & Workshops Rationale:

The unique kalo ʻApuwai captures the purest waters, which fall from the heavens, and collects them for significant cultural uses. Similarly, the 2022 Ka Waiwai No Nā Kūpuna Virtual Summit and Workshops, hopes to serve as a vessel to perpetuate our most treasured resources, the cultural ike (knowledge) and practices of our kūpuna (Native Hawaiian ancestors).

Last year, over 2,000 people, from around the world, gathered with 70 Hawaiian cultural practitioners/specialists in the 2021 virtual Ka Waiwai No Nā Kūpuna Conference for All to engage in Hawaiian Culture-based Education (HCBE). No matter where they were on their path of cultural learning, participants answered the kāhea (the call) to freely learn about and connect with our ʻike kūpuna.

Hawaiian Culture-Based Practices For All

We openly invite ALL to join the 2022 virtual HCBP movement and cultivate a relationship with the practices of our kūpuna to build resiliency, foster a sense of personal balance, and support total well-being.

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Registration & Important Info...

Our website is constantly being updated, please check back for our most updated information.


Ka Waiwai No Nā Kūpuna Summit Planning Team

E Hele Mai Kākou!

Let's all go!

Please join us for part or all of the special events we have been working hard to bring you.

Information for Registered Participants...

The direct links to Summit Presentations can be found on our "ACCESS PASS". You should have received an "ACCESS PASS" via email at the email address you used to register for our events.

*If you did register and have not received your "ACCESS PASS" email us at allhcbe@ksbe.edu for support and further information.


When registering please ensure that all fields are completed. If you would not like to share certain information, you may mark a field with N/A. You must complete the entire registration survey and hit "submit" to register.

Once you complete registration as a "Summit & Workshop Participant," you will receive an email confirming your registration. The email will not come from allhcbe@ksbe.edu. The email will come from the address noreply@qemailserver.com.

If you do not receive a confirmation email in your inbox, then it may have been delivered to your junk/spam folder. Also, any updates and new information will come from this email. For the most updated "scoops" or info... check back here, at our website.

Prior to the day of the event, you will be emailed a list of links for the various presentation sessions called the "Summit & Workshop Access Pass." The links provided will allow you to choose which sessions you would like to attend from the wide range of panelist and cultural practitioners.

Each presentation session has a cap of 1,000 participants. While all Keynote presentations will be capped at 3,000 participants. We appreciate your understanding if your first choice session is filled due to the incredible volume of interested participants. Please enjoy any one of the other presentations during that time.

MOST SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED: Don't worry about missing out on a panel discussion, presentations or workshops! Most practitioners will be recording their sessions, and these recordings will be available on this website (after they are processed and uploaded).

***Our website is being constantly updated with additional presentation and presenter information.***

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  • Join the presentations of your choice via the meeting links provided in your conference "Access Pass" (registration must be completed to receive "Access Pass"!)

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Let's Learn, Practice and Share Our Experiences Together!

This is an open invitation to cleanse, release and mentally prepare for Summit day.

Click on the video below to hear our invitation to Hiʻuwai with Kanani Aton.

Join us for our World Wide Hiʻuwai: Opening February 27th

We invite you to take part in "Hiʻuwai", a water cleansing ceremony, we hope you will perform during the week of February 27th - March 3rd. If you can't do it during this time, we encourage you to engage in the practice when the time is right for you. The hiʻuwai ceremony is an opportunity to release all that needs to be let go and start anew. Please prepare yourself for Summit day by practicing Hiʻuwai in your own space.

After watching the full length Hiʻuwai video on our website here, choose a place to perform the ceremony and reflect on your experience. If you choose to share a photograph and caption from where you performed the ceremony, please upload it to our Hiʻuwai Experience Padlet which is NOW OPEN and will be open through April 2. Let's connect with one another and prepare to release all that does not serve us!

To watch the video and for more information with additional resources, please visit our Hiʻuwai page here.

View our Hiʻuwai invitational flyer here.... please feel free to share it with friends!

Download the PDF of our Virtual April Workshops Invitation Flyer and share within your various networks and hui (groups).

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Ka Hoʻomau ʻana - Additional Resources For Continued Application:

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