Middle School Programs

The KIS Middle School Experiential Education Program is a cornerstone to our philosophy of applied learning. Since 2013 the dedicated and highly-trained staff in the middle school, have developed experiences for our students to build critical skills to be successful in the 21st Century. All of the learned skills are mindfully taught through a comprehensive advisory program where students are use specific skills to enhance their ability to think critically, problem solve, be creative, face adversity, and forge lifelong friendships.

The Fall and Spring trip experiences are intertwined with the middle school program allowing for a transfer of academic skills into a real environment. Our teachers collaborate to develop multiple opportunities through the year to use these 21st Century Skills unlike the traditional schooling model found within many countries.

We also offer optional experiences during spring break through the well-known and trusted company, Rustic Pathways. For 6th and 7th graders they have the opportunity to travel to either Vietnam or Fiji to work in local villages supporting varied community service projects while directly learning about these specifics cultures. These two trips have a max of 30 students per trip. For the 8th grade class, we offer through the same company, a Celebration trip to Thailand. Each year we have over 80 students attend the trip to Thailand where students work within the local community to support a number of initiatives, while enjoying the wonderful culture, food, weather, and community of Udon Thani, Thailand.

We are proud of the growth of the Middle School Experiential Programs and look forward to supporting your child within this dynamic and exciting program.

Jim Slaid

Middle School Principal