High School Programs

Dear High School Parents,

Our Experiential Education programs provide one example of our Applied Learning initiatives at work in KIS. Within the first month of school, all of our high school students participate in a three-day experiential program designed to build community, develop leadership, provide safe and healthy outdoor challenge, and promote service learning. This pivotal program provides common background experience and fosters curricular ties for the rigorous academic studies that will continue throughout the school year.

Our goal is for students to become fully aware of what they can do with their learning rather than being focused on learning discrete facts in isolation. Opportunities will continually be provided to challenge students to apply their learning in meaningful ways by solving authentic problems, exploring multidisciplinary perspectives, and using their newfound knowledge and skills to serve others. Each grade level celebrates the successful completion of the year with a one day experiential celebration of learning in the spring.

Michelle Quirin

Director of KIS

2016 EE Trips | Joey Park.mpeg