Other Useful Information


At Kaitangata we take pride in our uniform. Most items can be purchased at the Warehouse but we also have some second hand uniform available. The sweatshirt (v-necked) and girl's culottes are made for us and can be purchased through the school office. Please ensure that clothing is clearly named so that we can return lost property to it's owner. Any lost, un-named property will be kept on a table near the office for a term.

See the attached Uniform Policy below:


We encourage children to have healthy lunches and bring a drink to school. We have a policy of "water only" and there are water fountains in the playground where children can drink and refill their bottle.

Fish and Chip orders are available Wednesday-Friday only. Children wishing to place an order must put their named envelope with money sealed inside in the order container by the office by 9am.

An oven is available to heat other lunches which must be wrapped and clearly named. Please do not send frozen items as they do not heat through in time for lunch. We do not allow noodles which require boiling water as this is a health risk. Please do not send items in glass containers.

Children are not allowed to have lollies, chewing gum or ice-creams at school.

We encourage all students to bring a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable as we have a special 10 minute "fruit break" each day.

We are also part of the "Milk For Schools" programme and students can choose to have a 200ml milk drink during the day.

Travelling To and From School

Children are encouraged to walk to and from school with others.

Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to bike to school. The Police recommendation is that children are 10 years old before cycling to school on their own. If parents wish their child to bike to school under this age, they must write a note absolving the school from any responsibility. Children must wear a helmet and have a sound knowledge of road rules.

Children travelling on the school buses must wear hi-vis vests which are provided by the school. We have trained bus monitors who rigidly enforce safe behaviour.

All children travelling by car must wear seat-belts and children under 7 years should be in booster seats. Children must be dropped off and picked up from the school side of the street.

The Board of Trustees has recently purchased a minibus. This assists with transport to school activities and also provides daily transport for students from Balclutha.

Religious Education

This is held on Tuesdays from 9:00 to 9:30. Dates are on the term plan. The school is closed during this time. Children not attending this programme remain at home until 9:30. If you do not wish your child to attend RE, please send a note to the office.


Our school believes that learning is a partnership between home and school. Junior children will be provided with a reading book and it is expected that they read at home every night. These books are carried in a protective folder to prevent damage. Children may also have basic words, spelling or basic maths facts to practise. Senior students should be in the habit of reading for pleasure. Children also have access to online learning activities using "Maths Buddy", "Reading Eggs" or Google Docs which they can use at home. Class teachers will send a note home informing parents of the expectations for their particular class.