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Digital Connections

One of our strategic goals is to foster string relationships between home and school. Our move towards digital learning allows parents to access their child's digital learning at home. Recently teachers have begun using the "See-Saw" app which allows us to share student activities and messages with parents in "real-time". This app is relatively easy to use and can be accessed on mobile phones at no cost.


Every fortnight (Thursday 2pm) the whole school meets in the hall for Assembly. This is managed by our senior students. Certificates are awarded to students recognising their achievement and effort. Classes present their learning in small items. This is also an opportunity for school singing, general messages, sports reports and house point updates.

Reporting To Parents

Parents have the opportunity to attend a 3-way meeting (Parent/Teacher/Student) in Term 1 to talk about how your child has settled into the year and also to share some baseline achievement data. You will also be informed if your child has been identified as a Target Student for a specific learning goal and how you can help with their learning at home.

Students will be issued with 2 written reports (June/December) Reports also cover the full curriculum, attitudes and values. Parents have the opportunity to attend an interview following the June report.

We operate an "Open Door" policy and welcome parents but if you wish to visit your child's classroom, you will be asked to abide by our Code of Ethics (a copy is available in the school office)

If you wish to make a visit, assist with a class programme or meet with your child's teacher, we would appreciate if you make a prior arrangement and register at the school office before going to classrooms. This is part of our Health and Safety procedure.

Information Sharing

It is very important that you keep the school informed if there are any changes to your contact details. We must also be kept informed of any health issues including medicines, inhalers, allergies, change of family doctor or emergency contacts. All medication must be handed into the office except inhalers which may be kept by teachers so they can be accessed when required.


When students are absent from school, late, or required to be released early, it is important that you contact the school office prior to 9am (Ph 4139783 / Txt 0274139338) If you have not contacted the office, you will be phoned seeking a reason for the absence. It is also important that you inform the school if your child is not travelling on the school bus. Children are not to go home with other children unless the school has been notified by phone or with a note.

Sick Children

If your child becomes sick while at school, you will be contacted and asked to come and collect them. If parents can not be contacted, the alternative contacts person will be called. In the case of serious illness or an accident, contact will be made with the doctor and parents.

We have a school health nurse and parents are able to contact her with any concerns about children's health. We also have regular visits for vision and hearing testing.