Kai Kids Values

We pride ourselves on the positive behaviour of our students and the inclusive atmosphere in the school. We have developed a set of values which we believe are essential for our students to become successful citizens. Our students stand by the values outlined in our "KAI KIDS" acronym and this is constantly reinforced throughout the school.

Teachers issue special certificates in Assembly and students are presented with wristbands for each value. Achievement is also recognised with merit certificates and students can also be awarded a "K Badge" and super K certificate for special effort.

We also operate 4 House groups and House Hero tokens are issued to recognise students who are exhibiting out values. Wherever possible students are placed in the same house group as other members of their family. The house group competition runs every term and points are announced in Assembly.

K Kind To Others

A Always be Responsible

I I Think For Myself

K Keep Myself Active

I I am Involved

D Do My Best

S Show Respect

Our school athletics day

K Badges

Wrist Bands

Super "K" Certificate

Restorative Justice

Our school operates a system of restorative justice when dealing with behaviour and discipline. This reinforces our zero tolerance towards bullying and encourages students to become responsible for their own actions, responding appropriately to the actions of others.