Kaitangata Primary School

Welcome to the Kaitangata Primary School website. Kaitangata is a small semi-rural town located on the edge of the Clutha River just 10 minutes from Balclutha. Most students live within walking distance of the school but we also have 3 local bus runs servicing Wangaloa, the lower part of Inch Clutha and the Lakeside area. Our recent purchase of a school minibus also provides transport for students from Balclutha.

Our school has students from Year 1 to Year 8 and we have a beginning roll of 100 in 2019. This has enabled us to start the year with 5 classes.

Our main school building has 5 classrooms. There is also a block of 2 classrooms separate from the main building, one of which has been turned into our library space.

A large gym/hall has been built in recent years and this provides an area for indoor sports such as basketball. A storage area, stage, dressing room, kitchen and toilets are incorporated into this building and it is used for physical activity, assemblies, concerts and community events.

Playground areas include a large grassed playing field, an adventure playground, sand-pit and a large concrete area which is ideal for children to use for scooters etc. The North -facing wall of the main school building has a large verandah which provides an outdoor area for pupils to play on wet days. It also provides shade in the Summer.

Classrooms are well resourced and each room is equipped with a TV connected to our IT devices for internet access.

The Board of Trustees have a policy of inclusion and provide every student in the senior half of the school with a personal chromebook. All senior students are issued with a g-mail account managed by the school's domain and this enables them to use Google Apps for Learning. Students are able to work "anywhere, any place and any time"

Our junior classes use i-pads for interactive learning programmes like "Reading Eggs" to enhance their learning but we still have a focus on learning to write with pen and paper. All teachers are currently engaging in Professional Development to increase their knowledge of how to utilise digital learning effectively.

Preparation for the Ukulele Jam in Dunedin

K Kind To Others

A Always be Responsible

I I Think For Myself

K Keep Myself Active

I I am Involved

D Do My Best

S Show Respect

2019 Term Dates

Term 1 : Monday 28th January - Friday 12th April

Term 2 : Monday 29th April - Friday 5th July

Term 3 : Monday 22nd July - Friday 27th September

Term 4 : Monday 14th October - Friday 13th December

School Times

9:00 - 10:10

10:10-10:30 Play time


12:30-1:20 Lunch



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