International School of Kuala Lumpur 2017

A Warm Welcome from Dr Mark Charney Cultural Convention Artistic Director

Three years ago I experienced my first Cultural Convention at JIS. My time with your IASAS Visual & Performing Arts community was tremendously memorable. I still reflect on my time at “Cul Con,” not only because of the sheer enthusiasm and talent of the participants, but also the breadth of the knowledge I saw expressed in all art forms: Art, Dance, Drama, & Tech. I visit and respond at a myriad of festivals in the United States, especially through the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, but the sheer international scope of this cultural festival, compounded by the exotic setting, make “CC” an unforgettable experience. So when ISKL’s Art, Dance, Drama & Tech directors, asked me to come to Kuala Lumpur to serve as Artistic Director, I was humbled and thrilled!

This year, we are approaching the festival with two strong ideas in mind. The first is relevance, exploring why we create art, and specifically, how our selections at this festival reflect that. If art is to hold a mirror to reality, how do our choices express that, and what do they indicate about our different cultures? Where are the similarities, and where, the differences? What common threads bind us as a community, forcing us to find areas that necessitate change? And we will also play with the idea of borders in literal, figurative, and metaphorical ways, which will bring all of our artists (Art, Dance, Drama, Tech) together in a collaborative “Artistic Endeavour.”

At Cultural Convention we see how ensembles, artists, and technicians imaginatively, diligently and lovingly share their ideas through original and devised concepts that question and comment on the world around them. As participants, come ready to play, to fantasize, to collaborate, to reflect and to express yourself in new ways. For only through embracing life through lenses foreign to ours do we grow, change, and prosper intellectually, spiritually, and artistically.

Welcome to the 35th Annual IASAS Art, Dance, Drama, Tech Cultural Convention!

Dr Mark Charney


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Thursday, March 2nd:

ISKL Drama Performance: 1:30-2:15pm

ISKL Dance Performance: 2:30-2:50pm

Art Exhibition Opening Gala: 5:00-6:30 in the Library

TAS Dance Performance: 7:15-7:35pm

ISB Drama Performance: 7:50-8:35pm

SAS Dance Performance: 8:50-9:10pm

Friday, March 3rd:

JIS Drama Performance: 1:30-2:15pm

ISM Dance Performance: 2:30-2:50pm

SAS Drama Performance: 3:05-3:50pm

ISM Drama Performance: 7:45-8:30pm

JIS Dance Performance: 8:45-9:05pm

Saturday, March 4th:

ISB Dance Performance: 1:00-1:20pm

TAS Drama Performance: 1:35-2:20pm

Artistic Endeavor Sharing: 6:15-7:00 in the Gymnasium

Each school presents a 16-20 minuted originally choreographed dance. Dancers choose a theme, choreography movements, select music, design costumes, set and lighting, and of course, rehearse.

Artists exhibit a wide range of creative and culturally diverse artworks, celebrating the unique culture of each school. In addition, they participate in hands-on workshops that reflect the local culture.

The drama performance feature a very creative use of props and lighting. Therefore, IASAS Cultural Convention Drama performances place an emphasis on the acting skill of the performers.

The technicians cue the lights and sound needed for the drama and dance performances. They also participate in the workshops designed for them in any of the varied facets of stagecraft

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