Spartan XC Games

The Spartan XC Games are team building competitions and activities done throughout the season. These teams are divided by the coaches and led by team captains to build team synergy.

Some of the activities are running related, such as scoring the Intra-Squad Time Trial like a Cross Country meet, or Cross Country trivia; while others such as The Stop-Watch Competition and Capture the Flag, are not.

Scores and summaries will be kept on this page throughout the season.

Game #5 - Stop Watch Competition

In a tight battle to see which team could average the closest to 5 seconds, Team Africa avenged their dismal Skit performance by taking first with an average time of 5.004 seconds, followed by Team Antarctica (4.989), Team Europe (4.984), and Team Australia (4.979)

Team Standings after 5 events

Team Australia - 11pts

Team Africa - 11pts

Team Antarctica - 12pts

Team Europe - 14pts

Game #4 - Team Cheer/Skit Competition

Despite having over a week to prepare, this year's cheer/skit competition struggled to live up to last year's performances. Team Australia won by doing a nature show of life in Australia, while Antarctica used ice and music to remind us that winter is near. Team Europe attempted to use Mr. Goetz's European adventures and WWII clothes and salutes to inspire the crowd, while Team Africa blatantly plagarized the opening 5 minutes of Black Panther until stopped by Coach Gerber.

1st - Team Australia

2nd - Team Antarctica

3rd - Team Europe

4th - Team Africa

Standings after 4 events

Australia 7 pts

Antarctica 10 pts

Africa 10 pts

Europe 11pts

Game #3 - Kickball (done over two weeks)

After a long stretch of round robin games, we finally finished up the Kickball Tournament! Team Europe melted Team Antarctica in extra innings to win 3rd place, while Team Australia took Team Africa down under in a highly contested match for the victory. Both coaches were thoroughly soar and should earn MVP for their pitching and fielding duties.

Places: 1st - Team Australia 2nd - Team Africa 3rd Team Europe 4th Team Antarctica

Team Scores after 3 Events

Africa 6pts

Australia 7pts

Europe 8pts

Antarctica 8pts

Game #2 - Team Intrasquad Race, Sat. Aug. 17th

Scoring 4 runners and having 5th and 6th runners as pushers, the Team Intrasquad served as a good setting and experience for new runners to learn how Cross Country races are run and scored. Team Europe came away with a dominating win of 23 points, with low scorers Gabe Alvear (3rd), Kaiden Schrandt (4th), and Griffin Wormer (5th), with Captain Zach Sayner anchoring in 9th place. Team Antarctica used pack running to lock up 2nd with 38 points, led by seniors Captain Carter Bollmann and Daniel Williams, fresh off a 4 hour marching band parade performance. Team Australia eeked out 3rd place with overall winner Nathan Schauer and 42 points, and Team Africa was a close 4th (44 points).

Team Standings after 2 Events

Team Antarctica - 4pts

Team Europe - 5pts

Team Africa - 5pts

Team Australia - 6pts

Game #1 - Egg-Spoon Relay Race (Thursday, Aug. 15th)

The first Spartan XC Game of the 2019 Season was contested today. A day late due to the weather from Tuesday postponed a lot of things, but not the team's enthusiasm.

Whether it was because the fields were dry, the sun was out, the spoons were bigger, experience pays off, the athlete's knowing the event ahead of time, or luck, it was the best Egg-Spoon Race ever! No egg was broken or even cracked! It was a tight competition, with each team finishing within 20 seconds of each other! Grabbing first place without their captain Grant Dilla and only 6 athletes, three of them doubling up, Team Africa proved Jacob Scheffer's pre-race boast was not all bluster. Coming in second was Team Antarctica, led by Captain Bollmann, followed very closely by Team Australia, led by Captain Brekken Grathen, who had wily 7th Grader Sam Wegenknecht both as lead off and anchor, moving like an Egg-Spoon Pro! Team Europe, led by Captain Zach Sayner, was the only team with all their athletes, came in a close 4th.

Team Scores

Team Africa - 1

Team Antarctica - 2

Team Australia - 3

Team Europe - 4