Simley Cross Country Lettering Standards

To earn a varsity letter you need:

A. To earn 50 Points AND

B. To finish at least six races AND

C. To finish the season in good standing

To earn points:

1. Meet Points

a. If there is only one race at the meet (i.e. – Simley Invite, Metro East Preview):

7 points – Top 1/7th 6 points – Top 2/7th 5 points – Top 3/7th

4 points – Top 4/7th 3 points – Top 5/7th 2 points – Top 6/7th 1 point – finish

b. If there are two or more races (i.e. Metro East Conference Championships)

Varsity Race: 7 points – Top 1/4th 6 points – Top 2/4th 5 points – Top 3/4th 4 points - finish

JV Race: 3 points – Top 1/3rd 4 points – Top 2/3rd 3 points – Finish

2. Star Points

a. Run in a meet – 1 pt for each finish (Maximum of 9 in a season)

b. Run ten days in a row over the summer (1 pt each time, maximum of 5 pts in a season)

c. Summer Mileage – For every 20 miles you run over the summer, it is 1 pt. *Must turn in your summer running log at the by Tuesday, Aug. 21st with a parent signature in order to earn these points.

d. Volunteer at Harmon Farms Trail Race on Sunday, September 23rd – 5 pts

e. Volunteer at Cub Foods Fundraiser (Date TBD) – 5pts

f. Perfect Attendance to all practices and competitions – 10 points

3. Additional Criteria

a. A coach may give a letter to any athlete they deem worthy of showing good sportsmanship, leadership, hard-work, and a positive attitude throughout the season.

b. A coach may withhold a letter to any athlete who does not show good sportsmanship, leadership, hard-work, and a positive attitude, regardless if they have met the required point standard to letter.

c. In order to letter an athlete must have five absences or fewer. Absences can be excused (illness or other circumstances) or unexcused (Overslept, missed school, etc.)