Judicial Board

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The Judicial Board shall serve as the investigatory and trial Board for disciplinary procedures of and within the SGA; serve to hear appeals of Finance Board decisions; and hear requests for impeachment. The Judicial Board is led by the Chief Justice, followed by the Administrative Justice and five other Justices.

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The Judicial Board shall consist of seven members, herein referred to as Justices, who are appointed as outlined in the SGA Bylaws. One member shall serve as the Chief Justice and one as the Administrative Justice, as designated by the President at the time of appointment.

  • The Chief Justice shall preside over the Judicial Board, fix the time and place of Judicial Board hearings and meetings, and perform the duties outlined the SGA Bylaws

  • The Administrative Justice shall serve as the secretary of the Judicial Board and shall perform the duties outlined in the SGA Bylaws

Shawna Jumper

Chief Justice

My name is Shawna Jumper. I'm a 5th year Chemistry major, and I'm very passionate about cooking and baking. My main goal for the judicial board is more involvement with between my justices and the rest of SGA, as well improving transparency between SGA and the student body.

Ricardo Bustillo

Administrative Justice

I'm Ricardo Bustillo, a 5th year Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student from Cartagena, Colombia. I am currently the Administrative Justice for Judicial Board in SGA; my goal is to help SGA be focused on student concerns and help promote a better environment for us all. I believe that with the help of you all, we can achieve that.

Nicholas Goymerac

Associate Justice

I’m Nick, a second year Biomedical Engineering major from Poplar Grove, IL. Whenever I find free time I love playing with my dog and volunteering at a local museum. In addition to my role as an Associate Justice on Judicial Board I also work on campus in the admissions office. I hope to spend my time here raising awareness of Judicial Board and its’ processes so we can better serve SGA and the student body.

Nabeeha Syeda

Associate Justice

My name is Nabeeha Syeda and My Major is Computer Science. I'm a second year student! I love makeup, fashion and you can tell I'm sometimes such a girly girl! I care about SGA so much because SGA is one of the biggest parts of IIT community. It felt like a honor to be part of judicial board because I can help connect SGA and student orgs to unite as one!

Rushali Joshi

Associate Justice

I am Rushali Joshi, an Associate Justice for the Judicial Board at IIT and an Architecture major. I am an Indian student, open to exploring and understanding the world and enthusiastic about being involved ans giving back to the community that will be my home for the next 5 years. I joined the Judicial Board with a passion to serve my peers and enhance my leadership skills, while forging strong friendships.