Finance Board

Who Are We?

Our duty as a board is to allocate the student activity fund (SAF) to all the student organizations on our campus in a fair manner. However, our ultimate goal is to promote student involvement and campus life at Illinois Tech. Finance Board (FB) is also responsible for making sure that student organizations are using the money allocated to them in a manner that does not go against the SGA constitution and bylaws as well as the FB Policies & Procedures. We would like to help all organizations become comfortable with our proposal process so feel free to contact us at with any comments, questions or concerns. You can also reach out to your respective Finance Board Advisor via email.

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Who is on Finance Board?

Finance Board consists of voting members and a chair. The Chair is selected through elections by the Student Body during the SGA Executive Board Elections. The rest of the board is nominated and confirmed by the SGA Senate through a slate put forth by Finance Board. If you are interested in joining Finance Board please email us at

Meet the Board

Anwesha Roy

Hi, my name is Anwesha Roy and I am a Finance Major. I have been part of the Finance Board since Fall 2018. I wanted to be the Finance Board Chair because there have been many issues with the uncertainty about the hearing dates and also about the policy followed by the Finance Board. I want to get those issues resolved as soon as possible and bring uniformity to the Finance Board. I would also like to assure all students that there will be no bias against any organization and there will also be consistency in the policies.

Chloe Rubinowicz

My name is Chloe Rubinowicz, I was born and raised in Chicago. I am a second year Electrical Engineering major at IIT. I am also currently on the Illinois Tech Women’s Basketball Team. My mission for Finance Board is to develop a stronger connection between students and our board. I hope to help grow and develop Finance Board during my time here.

Bizimungu Obedi


I'm Bizimungu Obedi but everyone calls me Bizi. I am a fourth-year finance major. I spend most of my time editing music videos and on YouTube. Fun fact about me is that I have started a total of 3 businesses and only two have failed while one is currently going well. In addition to being on the finance board, I have also served as outreach chair for the African Student Organization, general member of many others, and ran for the IIT track team. I have also served as a resident advisor for 3 years now. I am very excited and plan to use my business experiences to help develop the finance board.

Brandon Walsh


Bryant Schultz


My name is Bryant Schultz and I'm from Richmond, Virginia. I'm a second year Computer Engineering major, My hobbies include 3D modeling and printing, reading, and movies.

Carlos Vidaurre


Hi! My name is Carlos Vidaurre and I am a second-year Engineering Management student. I was born in Chicago but I grew up in El Salvador. In my free time, I enjoy practicing sports and listening to music. I am very happy to be part of the Finance Board and be able to work and help our community of students.

Christian Allen


Hi I’m Christian the tall dark Jamaican guy. I like planes and rockets so I’m an Aerospace major. I also do track because I’d like to think that I’m a rocket. That’s all folks! Talk to me if you wanna find out more. See ya on campus in January!

Erin Nelson


My name is Erin Nelson and I am a fourth year architecture major very eager to work with a new branch of student government this semester. I used to be a part of the senate but I am excited to work more closely with student organizations as a part of finance board.

Francisco Barba Cuellar


Jared Wagler


Hi, my name is Jared Wagler, and I'm a second year Computer Engineering major from Charlotte, North Carolina. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, working on small personal programming projects, and listening to music. I'm excited to serve on Finance Board.

Juan Esteban Lopez


An Aerospace Engineering major and native to Bogota, Colombia, Juan showed a strong sense of belonging and leadership as early as his first week on campus he assumed the role of treasurer of the biggest project-based organization on campus Now eager to contribute, serve and promote equity among the community, he is one of our newest committee members for Finance Board.

Maria Mahmood


Hi, My name is Maria Mahmood, I am a third-year undergrad at IIT, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance. I am very passionate about sharing my financial literacy knowledge with others. I’m excited and thrilled to be a part of the Finance Board.

Mezue (Clinton) Ezeani


Shravan Honaganahalli


Hello, I'm Shravan. A first year computer science major and an advisor on the SGA Finance Board. I am a highly dedicated and passionate individual who seeks to succeed in the best way possible. I hope to make my time here at the Finance Board the most worthwhile and memorable.

Theo Guidroz


My name is Theo Guidroz. I was born and raised in Mauritius (it's a small island off the coast of Africa, East of Madagascar). I am currently a Junior at IIT doing my co-terminal with a major in computer engineering and a master in artificial intelligence. My involvement on campus includes station manager of WIIT and Vice President of Eta Kappa Nu. As a member of Finance Board, I want to bring a sense of fairness in the distribution of budget while helping our valued student organizations to grow.