Ben Barber


This is my second year in student government, and my first in the executive branch. I am a master's of mathematical finance student, and an ARC Tutor/SI in Physics and Math. Part of my goals for SGA is to increase grad student participation and engagement with our student community! I'm looking forward to working to bring safe in-person events back to campus. I also want to increase the general awareness of campus of what SGA is doing and what it can do when students are facing challenges.

Keru Omad


Hi, I'm Keru Omad and your Executive Vice President! I am a first year Biomedical Engineering student, who is also involved in BMES and Alpha sigma alpha. I joined SGA because I want to help make campus the best place possible!!


Sandy Orozco

I am a co-terminal student at the Stuart School of Business, pursuing a bachelor of business administration and a master of Public Policy and Administration. I am a first-generation student who decided to join SGA to advocate for all students and bring my unique perspective on navigating higher education. For there to be more inclusivity for marginalized students and the student body as a whole. I hope to accomplish more student success by ensuring all students receive the academic support to become successful at Illinois Tech.


Shahaan Mirza

Sameer Sheikh


Hello, my name is Sameer Sheikh. I am a 4th-year Computer Science major and I have been a senator for SGA for the past year and a half. I have made many friends in SGA and I love working with them on projects and making changes to IIT for the better, and I enjoy being a part of this organization and contributing however I can. In my free time, I like to read comic books and throw cards.

Ryan Manthy


I am a second year studying computer science at Illinois Tech. Beyond student government, I am the budget chair for Intinium and outreach chair for Lettuce Club. What excited me most about being involved in SGA is the unique to facilitate meaningful change on campus and promote dialogue amongst Illinois Tech’s diverse body of stakeholders. As VP of Events, there is a particular I am endowed with the responsibility to orchestrate the various mediums of fellowship and communication that SGA offers. As we all acclimate to a “new normal”, this is a responsibility I take seriously. Thus, my chief goal is to produce high caliber events that students, faculty, and neighbors can all enjoy together.

Joel Kelsey


Hey there! I'm Joel, a third year Physics major from Wyoming. Mainly I am a part of the Society of Physics Students but was elected as Executive Assistant late last year. I am excited to help SGA foster a dedicated and energetic culture all around IIT!

Nicholas Goymerac


I’m Nick, a third year Biomedical Engineering major from Poplar Grove, IL. Whenever I find free time I love playing with my dog and volunteering at a local museum. In addition to my role as Chief Justice of Judicial Board I also work on campus in the admissions office. I hope to spend my time here increasing the accessibility of Judicial Board so we can better serve the student body.

Chloe Rubinowicz


My name is Chloe Rubinowicz, I was born and raised in Chicago. I am a third year Electrical Engineering major at IIT. I am also currently on the Illinois Tech Women’s Basketball Team. My mission for Finance Board is to develop a stronger connection between students and our board. I hope to help grow and develop Finance Board during my time here.