Alex Kern


Hey, my name is Alex Kern and I am your SGA Executive President! I have been pretty involved on campus in my time here, and in doing so have been exposed to a decent variety of students. From athletics, to Greek life and AIChE, I have had the opportunity to meet many different kinds of people and hear about the things that concern them about IIT. As President I hope that I get the opportunity to hear from even more groups on campus so that all of us at SGA can work on your remedying your concerns.

Derek Rhea


Hello! My name is Derek Rhea, I am a second year physics major and I was recently elected as the Executive Vice-President. I am excited to spend another year with SGA, keeping up culture we created this year in Senate of passion and dedication towards our projects. I am excited to utilize the Senate across all committees to focus on issues that are affecting all students, particularly in the area of mental health.

Rishabh Tyagi


My name is Rishabh Tyagi, and I am a first year Computer Science Student. I've been with SGA since my first semester. I like to improve myself with each passing day in some form or another, striving to be more awesome every day. Apart from my big self obsession, I love movies, TV Shows, and anime. I am an Advancement Ambassador for the Office of Advancement. My aim is to provide value to your life to the best of my ability and helping you out in every way I can. My goal for this academic year is to solve the problems that you, students, are facing with your cooperation and help.

Jason Scott


I am Jason Scott, your Vice President of Communications! I am currently pursuing a dual degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics as well as a Masters in Computer Science. As VP, I wish to unite the student body through campus and city wide communication as well as engaging activities. Through our unification, collaboration, and communication, I wish to increase the magnitude of our diverse voices so that we can create the positive changes we need.

Jeannina Villalobos


Hello everyone! My name is Jeannina Villalobos and I am a biomedical engineering major in my junior year at IIT. I was born in Chicago but I grew up in Costa Rica, so IIT will be my home for a while. As your VP of Student Life I will meet with the administration to bring up student concerns and improve the engagement with our diverse student community. I am excited to work with SGA's team and be able to support the campus community with the best of my work. Pura vida!

Martina Dimitrova


Hello! I am Martina Dimitrova and I am from Bulgaria. I am a second year Computer Science major in Illinois Tech and I am excited to be serving this year as your Vice President of Events! Outside of SGA I am working for Event Services since my freshman year and I am a PR chair in Artificial Intelligence Association. I love to dance and my favorite hobby is to travel. I am looking forward to organize exciting events! I will be more than glad to hear any interesting ideas for events and I am always opened to collaborate!

Joel Kelsey


Hey there! I'm Joel, a second year Physics major from Wyoming. Mainly I am a part of the Society of Physics Students but was elected as Executive Assistant late last year. I am excited to help SGA foster a dedicated and energetic culture all around IIT!

Shawna Jumper


My name is Shawna Jumper. I'm a 5th year Chemistry major, and I'm very passionate about cooking and baking. My main goal for the judicial board is more involvement with between my justices and the rest of SGA, as well improving transparency between SGA and the student body.

Anwesha Roy


Hi, my name is Anwesha Roy and I am a Finance Major. I have been part of the Finance Board since Fall 2018. I wanted to be the Finance Board Chair because there have been many issues with the uncertainty about the hearing dates and also about the policy followed by the Finance Board. I want to get those issues resolved as soon as possible and bring uniformity to the Finance Board. I would also like to assure all students that there will be no bias against any organization and there will also be consistency in the policies.