Here are our 2020-2021 SGA Senators!

Alec Dunbar

Hello all! My name is Alec Robert Graham Dunbar, but just call me Alec. As you may or may not notice from my profile picture, I'm a member of sigma phi epsilon, and as a member I take pride in knowing I don't just help my fellow brothers, but help those of the community as well. As the member of the events committee as well, I aim to make the student experience one to remember. Stress is a given one attending college, the downtime in which we barely have should be spend well and I work to ensure that. Currently I am a sophomore in the field of architecture, so I know the pain of not having free time when I need it. I use this empathy to connect with my fellow Hawks and open up opportunities to step back and take a breather.

Alejandro Torres

Alexander Guban

I joined the Senate to represent the people and enact their will. It fills me with joy to make others happy and if I can do that while growing as a person and actually having the ability to make changes then there's no need to worry about me

Benjamin Barber

Hi, I'm Ben Barber, a first-year Master's of Mathematical Finance candidate in the Stuart School of Business. In my previous life, I was a physicist, with a BS in Physics and Math from Valparaiso University and MS in Physics from the University of Chicago. My previous graduate work was in accelerator physics. I'm currently a member of the CFA Research Challenge team for Stuart. I’m a new ARC tutor and am the PHYS 224 SI leader. I joined SGA because the Stuart School of Business lacked representation, and that was something I thought I could address.

Benjamin Kramek

Colin Harris

Hello! My name is Colin Harris and I am a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering on the Medical Imaging track. I play soccer for the Illinois Tech men's varsity team. I am a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society, Engineers Without Borders, and the Student Athlete Advisory Council. I am currently an undergraduate assistant in a Biomedical Engineering research lab. I became a part of SGA to represent the interests of my peers. I am very excited to serve the IIT community!

Delaney Davis

My name is Delaney! I am a music education major at VanderCook College of Music and I’m in my third year! I joined SGA because my roommate was the previous senator and I liked hanging out with her. I am the current senator because I care about VanderCook having a presence at IIT. I can’t wait to see what else we do together to strength our bonds and our schools.

Delisha Mehta

My name is Delisha Naveen Mehta. I’m a first year Architecture student.I joined SGA with a vision to build a bridge between the students and the administration and make communication more effective so that issues such as long response times from different offices get resolved quickly and through limited bureaucracy.Being an international transfer student, I also wish to make the cultural shift more swift for the incoming students.

Hannah Moreno

Isaiah Mays

Hello, I'm Isaiah and I'm a first year aerospace engineering student. I joined the Student Government Association because I see a lot of potential at Illinois Tech, and I believe that I can help bring that greatness out. By improving campus, and in turn supporting the student body, I would be living out my utmost passion of helping others. I pledge to be a representative who will fight for any and everybody and I hope to change IIT for the better.

Katja Berthold

Keru Omad

Hi, I'm Keru Omad and your senate parliamentarian! I am a first year Biomedical Engineering student, who is also involved in BMES and Alpha sigma alpha. I joined SGA because I want to help make campus the best place possible!!

Kevin Foley

Kimberley Cathrine Goveas

Hello! I am a third year Chemical Engineering major also pursuing a minor in Computer Science. I am privileged to hold a number of leadership positions in IIT's student organizations including AIChE, FEM and Kappa Phi Delta. Being an international student and holding these positions have greatly taught me numerous attributes, such as educating myself with other cultures on campus as well as supporting anyone in need of guidance by providing the needful resources. I joined SGA and became a senator, because I want students to enjoy their experience at IIT and to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard to evoke change on campus. I would like to take advantage of the fact that SGA is a liaison between the college and the students and together we can do so much!

Kshitij Chauhan

Hello, my name is Kshitij Chauhan. I am a first year Mechanical Engineering major. I joined the SGA to present my ideas and help better the Illinois Tech community and engage with them as much as possible.

Mallory Drevline

I joined SGA because I feel like this position, paired with being the Co-President of F.E.M, would give me better understanding on how to help solve the problems of female identifying students on campus. When I’m not balancing school, work, and extracurriculars...I try to read, tend to my indoor garden, and practice shooting film on my old camera. I’m an Astrophysics student with the hopes to someday teach Secondary Education at my old high school where I fell in love with space.

Na’im Muhammad

Hi, my name is Na’im Muhammad and I am a first-year computer science major. I believe in bringing an abundance of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to just about everything that I do! Illinois Tech is an amazing place with a community filled with amazing people that have very diverse backgrounds. Despite any one person’s background, everyone at IIT deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity. The population needs people that will fight for them and work in their best interest. I believe in fighting injustices, no matter the size, and in helping people by providing any resources and guidance wherever and whenever I can.

Pradyothan Govrineni

My name is Pradyothan Govrineni, I am a 3rd year computer science major, however it is my second year in Illinois Institute of Technology. I am originally from India, but I was raised in Jamaica for 18 years, which includes my schooling. I I enjoy programming, reading novels, and playing the piano. I was elected as a senate, and I am really excited for this role and to be with SGA. Being a senator, I want to make a better change in terms of the diversity, education and cooperation of all students in Illinois Tech.

Pragna Kurra

Ryan Manthy

Sameer Sheikh

Hello, my name is Sameer Sheikh. I am a 3rd-year Computer Science major and I have been a senator for SGA for the past year and a half. I have made many friends in SGA and I love working with them on projects and making changes to IIT for the better, and I enjoy being a part of this organization and contributing however I can. In my free time, I like to read comic books and throw cards.

Sean Cummings

Shahaan Mirza

Trevor Pritchett

I'm a 4th year CS student focusing on Machine Learning and State Space Analysis. I'm also a member of Professor Kyle Hale's research lab HExSA where I'm working on a project to capture the identity of processes using Fourier Analysis. I joined SGA because I was curious about the ways students could have a hand in improving student life on campus.

Ursula Hersh

Hi, my name is Ursula Hersh. I am a third-year student studying Social and Economic Development Policy with a double minor in Spanish and Psychology. I am also the co-president of a student organization at IIT called the Female Empowerment Movement (FEM). I wanted to establish this group to help ensure that women know they have peers they can reach out to who have shared their experiences, and to generate increased opportunities and resources for women on campus. I joined the Student Government Association hoping to represent student interests and values in a meaningful way. We are experiencing an especially tumultuous period of time that has been distressing and challenging for many students. I would like to improve coordination and communication between the administration and student body and help support students as much as possible.