Here are our 2021-2022 SGA Senators!

Akhil Srinath

Alejandro Torres

Hello! I'm a second-year chemical engineering student, the chaplain of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chem-E Car Coordinator of AIChE, cross country/track and field athlete, but, most importantly, a senator with a passion for making the IIT community a better place for all. I joined SGA to voice my opinions and implement ideas generated by myself and the student body. I feel an obligation to use the opportunities and resources that I've been given to make IIT a place that people are proud to call home. More specifically, in the academic affairs committee, I want to provide a seamless academic experience for people of all backgrounds as that's the first and foremost reason we're all here: to achieve academic success. I hope that during my time here, I will earn your trust and leave an unforgettable legacy through the help of my fellow senators.

Ali Hasany

Benjamin Kramek

Derek Rhea

I am a 4th year Physics major with a minor in Political Science. I am from Kansas City, MO, and live with my fiance, Jason. I have been involved in SGA throughout my entire time at IIT, as a Senator, VP of Student Life, and Executive Vice-President. I look forward to continuing projects I have worked on over the past few years and advocating for the interests of the student body to the best of my ability.

Devyn Keeney

I joined SGA to help better the IIT community for everyone. For too long, the voices of the marginalized have been ignored by administration and student leadership and I wanted to do whatever I can do to help that. Outside of SGA, I'm president of Illinois Tech Robotics, and also heavily involved with Prism. I also play violin (I sometimes join VanderCook for that), coach a robotics team, and volunteer with youth robotics programs on weekends.

Hannah Moreno

Isaiah Mays

Hello, I'm Isaiah and I'm a first year aerospace engineering student. I joined the Student Government Association because I see a lot of potential at Illinois Tech, and I believe that I can help bring that greatness out. By improving campus, and in turn supporting the student body, I would be living out my utmost passion of helping others. I pledge to be a representative who will fight for any and everybody and I hope to change IIT for the better.

Jason Scott

Lucy Kegley

Meghana Tamhane

Hello! My name is Meghana and I’m a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering major. I joined SGA since I am interested in connecting with my fellow peers and helping them find solutions to challenges present in IIT, especially when it comes to the mental health and well-being of the students. I also aspire to make positive changes in different areas of IIT for the students and faculty of this school. By joining SGA, I hope to accomplish improving the mental health resources IIT currently provides. I believe that with the onset of COVID-19 and the lasting effects it has had on the students of IIT, it is important to ensure that we can provide effective and beneficial resources to enable everyone to get through this difficult time.

Na’im Muhammad

Hi, my name is Na’im Muhammad and I am a first-year computer science major. I believe in bringing an abundance of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to just about everything that I do! Illinois Tech is an amazing place with a community filled with amazing people that have very diverse backgrounds. Despite any one person’s background, everyone at IIT deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity. The population needs people that will fight for them and work in their best interest. I believe in fighting injustices, no matter the size, and in helping people by providing any resources and guidance wherever and whenever I can.

Pradyothan Govrineni

My name is Pradyothan Govrineni, I am a 3rd year computer science major, however it is my second year in Illinois Institute of Technology. I am originally from India, but I was raised in Jamaica for 18 years, which includes my schooling. I I enjoy programming, reading novels, and playing the piano. I was elected as a senate, and I am really excited for this role and to be with SGA. Being a senator, I want to make a better change in terms of the diversity, education and cooperation of all students in Illinois Tech.

Pragna Kurra

Prayag Gade

Hello! I am Prayag, a Student of Master of Science in Finance at IIT Stuart Business School. Before joining IIT, I worked as a Senior System Engineer in E-commerce Technology Infrastructure Management and Client support. I am also a member of the Stuart Investment Club. As a Senator of the Student Government Association, I will strive towards achieving maximum good of maximum students, with special focus on providing support to students regarding mental health and addressing concerns of venerable communities, thereby making the IIT experience more inclusive, amicable and fruitful for all. I am very excited to serve the IIT community!

Sean Cummings

Trinity Martin

Ursula Hersh

Hi, my name is Ursula Hersh. I am a third-year student studying Social and Economic Development Policy with a double minor in Spanish and Psychology. I am also the co-president of a student organization at IIT called the Female Empowerment Movement (FEM). I wanted to establish this group to help ensure that women know they have peers they can reach out to who have shared their experiences, and to generate increased opportunities and resources for women on campus. I joined the Student Government Association hoping to represent student interests and values in a meaningful way. We are experiencing an especially tumultuous period of time that has been distressing and challenging for many students. I would like to improve coordination and communication between the administration and student body and help support students as much as possible.