What is Collabratec (CT)?

IEEE Collabratec (CT) is an integrated online community platform where technology professionals, especially engineers, can discover, connect and collaborate  ---  all in one central hub.

The IEEE Collabratec platform is available to all technology-minded professionals. IEEE Members receive added benefits and expanded functionality (more below). IEEE Collabratec is Mobile Responsive!

Visit the IEEE Collabratec Users Forum* to ask questions and engage with others including staff to learn more about the platform features.

*** Multiple Phases of Site Refresh / Improved Navigation began in August 2023 and is still underway - 4th phase was implemented on April 19 2024. Release version 12.0.1 was implemented in May 2024. ***

Video Guided Tour Available (on right; For Mobile, Scroll down); Blue Underscored Links below provide direct access to platform.

IEEE Collabratec provides the ability to:

For IEEE Members:  


IEEE Collabratec can be accessed from a compatible browser and is mobile-responsive (see 'Mobile' tab on the menu). Supported browsers:

The following options must also be activated within the browser:

Top (blue) Navigation (see Image 1 ):  

Home Activity Page (see Image 2 ):  

Dashboard (see Image 3 ):  

Improvements to the Platform based on your feedback :

- 2021: New Dashboard features - Ability to add Favorite Workspaces and Communities; Pending Actions section (see separate tab for these features); New co-owner role and moderator assignment UI streamlined; Community nesting + Project Track project management tool added to workspaces (see workspaces for more info);

<See Release History for additional information on improvements/enhancements> 

NEW Top Nav Phase 1- 09 August 2023

Basic Overview Video as of May 2022

Note: Video does not include 'Home' button added in late 2022

Use case video - several members discuss their use on Collabratec

Image 1: Top Navigation Bar

Image 2: Home Activity Page

Image 3: Previous Dashboard - Pending Actions, Custom Networks, Opportunities pods moving to Home Activity page on 26 Oct. as shown above; Favorites as shown by tab- full page in Dec release