Investments in Innovation Webinar

Consortium Event @ World Food Prize's Borlaug Dialogue

This event was the Consortium's monthly webinar and a Borlaug Dialogue side event held on 15 October 2020. It addressed food system vulnerabilities and the need for long-term research efforts and innovative technology investments to deliver healthy food. Panelists included:

  1. Dr. Salley Rockey - Executive Director of the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR)

  2. Dr. Rajshree Agarwal - Professor and Director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets at the University of Maryland

  3. Dr. José Caixeta - Professor and Director of ESALQ-LOG at the University of São Paulo

  4. Dr. Jane Ambuko - Professor University of Nairobi

  5. Dr. Dirk Maier - Professor and Director of the Consortium for Innovation in Post-Harvest Loss and Food Waste Reduction