Course Announcement - Update

Starting in early 2021

By Kyle Poorman

Consortium for Innovation in Post-Harvest Loss and Food Waste ReductionIowa State University

We are pleased to announce the Consortium’s first online course offering will commence in early 2021 (end of January). Development of the graduate-level course, “Practical Aspects in Post-Harvest Loss and Waste Management,” is led by Professor Samir Droby and Dr. Amnon Lichter (Volcani Center, Israel) with contributions of content and lectures from across the Consortium and other esteemed global experts. The course will be available in early 2021 (end of January), and a cohort of students from Consortium institutions will participate in the course during the spring semester (USA Collegiate Calendar). This is a continuation and broadening of the Consortium’s work on enhancing the academic and entrepreneurial capacity of the next generation. 

The ‘Practical Aspects’ course will cover core concepts of high relevance regarding post-harvest losses and food waste management and will help train students, academics, and extension professionals to solve critical food security challenges. The course will encompass about 40 hours of online lectures and assignments. It will be made available initially to students from Consortium institutions for academic credit. We expect a nice cross section of students from multiple disciplines to participate in the inaugural offering. If you are interested in taking the course, please contact the Kyle Poorman ( for more details.