Science Fair

Brains On!

All students from K-6 are invited to participate in this non-competitive event.

Not planning planning an exhibit? It's free to attend! Food will be available for purchase (pizza, water, sweets).

DEADLINE to register is Friday March 8th.

The science fair is non-competitively judged.

All participants are given a token of participation.

Poster boards are not required.

Safety Considerations:

  • No flames or flammable/volatile materials are allowed.
  • Heat, chemicals and tools must be discussed with the science fair committee.
  • Please do not put any person or animal in danger while utilizing the scientific method.

All registrants will be given a 3 foot area unless otherwise specified. Please follow safety considerations. Please complete and submit the questions below.

**Pictures will be taken during the Science Fair. Please reference the "Photo/Work Consent" form on PowerSchool for more information.