Young Minds Parent/Carer Helpline

Call us for free on 0808 802 5544 from 9:30am - 4pm, Monday - Friday.

1/ You’ll get through to a trained adviser who will listen and talk through your concerns in complete confidence

2/ Your adviser will help you to understand your child’s behaviour and give you practical advice on what to do next

3/ If you need further help, they’ll arrange for one of our independent, experienced professionals to call you for a 50-minute telephone consultation within seven days

We also have a webchat and email service if that is more convenient for you. Please do get in touch if you need support.

Please look at for more information

If you need to raise a safeguarding concern to the local authority then please call:

Lancashire Children - 03001236720

Lancashire Adults - 03001236721

Lancashire Out of Hours - 03001236722

Blackpool Children - 01253477299

Blackpool Out of Hours - 01253477600

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@the Grange

Details in the flyer


Here are some additional resources to help adults support children with the issues surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Key has created a free pack of resources for all schools which includes:

• How to talk to pupils:

• Parent information and support pack:

• How to adapt your curriculum:

How to talk to your teenager about the invasion of Ukraine (BBC Bitesize/Anna Freud Centre)

How To Talk To Your Child About The War In Ukraine (YoungMinds)

Worrying about Russia and Ukraine (Childline)

Worrying about war and conflict Sarah Dove (Phoenix Education Consultancy)

Complex needs drop in.pdf

Free drop in sessions timetable

The Children's Commissioner, Dame Rachel de Souza DBE, has recently published a guidance document for parents helping to support them to understand online sexual harassment. It is a sensitive topic, and not one all parents feel comfortable discussing with their children.

The commissioner's team brought together a group of 16 - 21 year olds and asked them talk about what they think parents should know, and what they should say to their children when talking about sexualised bullying and the pressures of growing up online.

Click here to read the full document

The Blackpool Youth Hub* is a new facility that will support young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are currently unemployed, to find a way back into work.

The service will help young people to develop their skills, improve their employment chances and will specifically target youth unemployment in the town.

Located in the town centre, young people can call in to make an appointment to see a Youth Hub Employment Adviser and receive one-to-one support on their journey to sustained long-term employment. Some young people will also be able to meet with their DWP Youth Work Coach in the centre as there are two co-located staff in the new hub.

The service will bring together support from a range of local partners, including:


The Princes Trust


Blackpool FC Community Trust

Blackpool and the Fylde College

Blackpool Council's in-house services

These partners will provide training and employment support, with the long-term goal of reducing the number of young people that are not in education, employment or training in the town.

Working with employers, FE and training providers, the Youth Hub will become the ‘go to’ place to recruit young people onto courses and into jobs. The Youth Hub is building relations across the town with employers and providers linking them with potential new recruits but also listening to and acting on their recruitment and skills requirements.

Who is it for?

The Youth Hub service is open to young people without a job, who have been actively seeking work in the past four weeks and are available to start work or training in the next two weeks and offers up to 6 months support. This includes young people who have just completed a Kickstart work placement and need help to get their next job.

How to get in touch

If you know a young person who would benefit from support to find work or training they can:

Call in and book a first appointment:

Unit 3 Bickerstaffe House (next to the new Post Office), Cookson Street, FY1 3EF - Open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5.00pm

Call 01253 477775 and speak to a member of the team


Reducing Parental Conflict Update

Good Afternoon, I hope you are all well. I thought it a good time to up date you on progress around the Reducing Parental Conflict work taking place in Lancashire. I have had a few queries from people asking if they have missed a meeting invite, nobody has.

I am pleased to tell you that the Pan-Lancashire Relationship Toolkit has been published, I have attached a copy, please feel free to share this with colleagues and partners, we are very proud of it and I hope very much that it will be shared and used widely to help make available support for parental relationship when it is needed. Please have a look and if you have any feedback it would be gratefully received.

The delivery of Multi- Agency training on the toolkit has started, the first session was yesterday and from what I hear it went very well. I am very much encouraged by the range of partners that have signed up and most of the sessions for Sept and Oct are full. We do have some places for the Nov and Dec courses though so I would be very grateful if you could spread the word and encourage people to book on. This is the link for booking;

Everyone who attends the training will receive a printed copy of the toolkit.

A quick plea from me, if you are signposting people to the training can you remind them that if they book a place and then subsequently are not able to attend, to either find a colleague who can stand in for them, or to give at least 5 days' notice as when people don't turn up we can't give the place anyone else. Although the course is free to access, it is not free to us and I don't want to waste the grant we have been awarded. I hope that is not too much of a grumble and I do appreciate people are extremely busy and can get pulled in several directions at once.

One Plus One – Me You and Baby Too app, I have told you about the app that we have purchased the licence for, we now have a leaflet with details the Lancashire site for registration and the link to the Practitioner Guide, I have attached this which should make it easier to cascade and to share with parents so they can start using the app, again do please share this with anyone you think may have an interest. This is particularly important for Maternity Service, Health Visitors and School Nurses as it is aimed at couple who are about to or have recently become parents but it would be useful to all parents I think.

Relationship Essentials Group Sessions – We are next month training Children and Family Wellbeing Staff who already deliver parenting courses from our centre in an evidence based group work programme for couples who are together and living with destructive conflict. This will be a six week programme and will, all being well be available to families in our centres from January. I will keep you informed of progress and how you may be able promote this and signpost couples. This same intervention will be available as part of our family support work on a one to one basis as well. There is also a possibility of purchasing a similar intervention for couples who have separated and are co-parenting amidst ongoing hostility and conflict.

I was hoping that I would be able to bring you all together for a meeting before now, but with everyone being extremely busy it has been pushed back, so I am suggesting a meeting on the 10th Nov at 1:30 on teams, this is after half term. I should be able to provide an update on how well the training is going and it would be good to receive your feedback both on this and the toolkit. There is some work taking place within the National RPC programme on assessing the work that has been taking place to test some of the evidence based programmes so I will try and bring in some speaker to share their experiences with us. It does look like there will be further rounds of RPC funding so it would be good to start thinking about what direction we want to take in Lancashire and consider if there are other programmes we may want to buy into. I will also be sharing with you the RPC Planning Tool, it would be a worthwhile exercise to look at this as an evaluation of the progress we have made and what we need to do further to embed a response to PC in our responses and services for families, so we could do some of that in the meeting. I have attached the planning tool, it is a long document so hopefully that won't put you off and I don't expect you to read it all, but if you look at the matrix it will give you an idea of the kind of things that can take place in local areas to integrate RPC.

These links may be of interest to you

the Race Equality Foundation have produced and RPC toolkit, more for use with professionals unique toolkit this is the link for it.

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Child Exploitation

Do you know the signs?

This short video outlines some of the changes of behaviour that can be signs of child exploitation.

Take a look at the THINKUKNOW parent/carer website if you are concerned about online safety, you'd like to report inappropriate content or you'd like information on how to keep your child safe online

Click here for more information

DITTO, the online safety magazine, to share with you. This topics in this DITTO edition are:

YouTube influencers.TikTok family safety modeWhat is Like Farming?NotificationsTaming Gaming websiteReport Harmful Content serviceand a few snippets of other information.

The direct download (PDF) is HERE.

Digital drop-ins for parents. w/c 12th October 2020

They're full of info and advice about cyberbullying, internet friendships and communicating online.

Our Be Internet Legends team is delivering them at 4.30pm every day from today to Thursday. The easiest way to spread the word is by sharing our tweet from your school or work account – but why not include the links in your comms too?

ParentZone YouTube Channel

Alongside our video guides for parents and carers that we've been producing over the past few months, you can now access our new top tips videos through our YouTube channel and website.

These 30- to 60-second videos set out simple things that parents and carers can do to keep their child safe while they're engaging in different online activities such as live streaming and gaming.

The Resilience Framework Covid-19 (Blackpool RR) SCREEN VERSION.pdf

Coming to all Blackpool Households......

A tool that anyone and everyone can use to help build resilience and get through tough times.

In Blackpool, young people, adults and our whole community have been learning about resilience as we lead a world's first Resilience Revolution. It means anyone who lives, works or volunteers in Blackpool can play a part in making our own a more resilient place to grow up and live. Resilience is the ability to bounce forward from tough times. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is one of those tough times - affecting us all in different ways. Inside this Resilience Framework Resource are two versions of our Resilience Framework. One created by young people for young people, and the family version - designed to be used by whole family groups or adults.

If you live in Blackpool, look out for this resource which is being distributed to every household. You can also download a free copy of the leaflet here

Home activity pack for Parents/Carers

Click here for all the information. THINKUKNOW update this page very two weeks

Click here for the full article from THINKUKNOW

We suggest, that if parents or carers come to you directly, worried about information they have seen or heard about a scare, you should signpost them to our article, which contains further information and links to other resources.

Livestreams for parents – throughout the Summer! | Parent Zone

By popular demand, Google and Parent Zone are delighted to launch more interactive parent sessions throughout the summer.

These short online events – livestreamed on YouTube and led by Parent Zone's experienced team – are designed to

  • introduce the Be Internet Legends programme to parents

  • swap tips and tricks for making the most of tech at home

  • give parents the opportunity to ask any questions about online safety

  • share fun, free resources for families

If you're a teacher, please share any of these links with your school community using your channels.

If you're a parent, feel free to join us whenever you like. Each session is 30 minutes long, totally free and accessible on YouTube.

Thursday 16th July


Watch livestream

Tuesday 21st July


Watch livestream

Thursday 23th July


Watch livestream

Tuesday 28th July


Watch livestream

Thursday 30th July


Watch livestream

Tuesday 4th August


Watch livestream

Thursday 6th August


Watch livestream

Tuesday 11th August


Watch livestream

Thursday 13th August


Watch livestream

Tuesday 18th August


Watch livestream

Thursday 20th August


Watch livestream

Tuesday 25th August


Watch livestream

Wednesday 26th August


Watch livestream

Thursday 27th August


Watch livestream

Video Games to help keep your child active

Click here to read the full article

Top articles about digital parenting

Click here to read the full article on the ParentZone website

A Parent's Guide to Black Lives Matter -taken from ParentZone website

Racism and race is not a one-conversation topic, and our guide by no means contains all the answers, we simply hope to provide the foundations of good places to start and help empower families to work towards racial equality.

Click here to read the full article

Click here to read

On the 18 June The Department for Education (DfE) has published information for parents and carers about the opening of early years providers, schools and colleges, safety in schools, attendance, transport, school meals and exams.

Making Resilient Moves as a Family

We want to reach out to extend a hand of solidarity, love and support from the Resilience Revolution during these challenging and uncertain times, and to ensure communication loops between us all continue to be open. We believe that the Resilience Framework, a tool we are all now so familiar with in the Resilience Revolution, offers lots of really practical steps and actions which we can all draw on to navigate this situation and look after ourselves and one another.

Young people, parents, carers, practitioners and many others are already mobilising to create resources, top tips and practical suggestions all linked to making Resilient Moves as individuals, family units and indeed across the whole town! We plan to share as much helpful stuff as we can through this page, which we will update as regularly as possible (hopefully daily!)

The Resilience Revolution is a whole town approach to building resilience and now more than ever we will unite to support each other through this tough time. Please do share any ideas, resources, advice or information that you think will be helpful to others through this page by emailing

Stay safe and lets keep connected.

Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4 available. Click here to download each issue

School Nursing teams are all still working. If any young people or their families or carers need to contact one of us if you ring

01253 951740 Mon – Fri and the call will be put through to the relevant team

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