Welcome to

Bluenose Academy!

Important Information

Please scroll down for current information and for upcoming events. You can also check out our School Calendar and Daily Announcements under the "For Families" tab above.

Nuts, Sesame, Scents

Please do not bring nut and sesame products into our school or wear scented products at our school. There are students and staff at BA who have life threatening allergies to these products.

School Start Time

Instruction starts sharply at 8:25am for all students. We ask that students arrive no later than 8:20am so they have plenty of time to get prepared for their morning lessons. Students are welcome to enter the school at 8:05am.


Wednesday, December 5 is an Embedded Time day. Students will dismiss at 1:00pm.

Elementary Christmas Concerts

Bluenose Academy P-6 Christmas Concerts take place on December 10 and December 11.

Concerts begin 6:30pm.

Classes performing on Monday December 10:

PW, PP, P/1S. 1/2C, 2C, 4C and 4H,

Classes performing on Tuesday December 11:

1A, 1G, 2/3P, 3B, 3V, 5L and 5M

Please Note: Elementary Drama students perform both nights.

We look forward to sharing our concerts with you!

Christmas is coming! Get your BA School Clothing!

Families can now order school clothing online! Please check out our link under the "For Families" tab OR click below.

Go to http://bluenoseacademy.entripyshops.com/

Clothing is available in a variety of styles, brandnames, and delivers to your door!

Free shipping on orders over $49.95.