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Bluenose Academy!

School Registration for September 2021:

School Registration for all grades (Pre-Primary to Grade 9) is now done online. Please use this link to our Regional Centre's webpage to access the registration form: SSRCE School Registration for 2020-2021

Nuts, Sesame, Scents

Please do not bring nut (peanuts, tree nuts) or sesame (includes hummus which is made from sesame seeds) products into our school.
There are students and staff at BA who have LIFE THREATENING ALLERGIES to these foods. As well, be aware that we are a scent "sensitive" property as we have staff and students with severe scent sensitivities.

School Start Time

Instruction starts sharply at 8:25am for all students.
We ask that students arrive no later than 8:20am so they have plenty of time to get prepared for their morning lessons. Students are welcome to enter the school at 8:05am.

BA Staff Supporting PINK Day 2021

BA Grade 9 Closing Video

June 28th, 2021

BA Grades 2-8 Celebration of Students Video

BA Bands present their "POP' Band Concert

June 2021

Extra-Curricular Awards Celebration Video


Check out our new Look!!

Bluenose Academy proudly displays the Mi’kmaq, Acadian, African Nova Scotian and Pride flags next to their Canadian and Nova Scotian flags.

This permanent display is a symbol of the school’s inclusive vision to make every student, staff member and family feel welcomed, valued and respected!

Device Tips SSRCE.pdf

Bluenose Academy's Grades 1-6 Choir performs "The Ballad of the Bluenose" and "Happy Birthday" in celebration of the Bluenose's 100th birthday!

BA Band Program's March Mini Concert!

Grade 9 Outdoor Education

March 3, 2021

Large day for these Grade 9 students celebrating their final Outdoor Ed. Expedition. Challenging ice, wind, cold temperatures and a student solo were all met head on! Well Done Grade 9!

Family Literacy Day at BA

January 27, 2021

Important Parent pick up Information for the end of the school day!

Parent pick up no gathering and no dogs Dec 2020.pdf

Important Parent Information for Parent drop off/pick up!

Reminder to Parents Drop off Loop Dec 2020.pdf

Outdoor Education at BA!

Grade 9 Ernst completed their Outdoor Education session with their day trip to Mason's Beach on Wednesday, December 9th!

Grade 9 Adventure Day!

October 14th, 2020

Our Grade 9s enjoyed and day and a half of activities in place of their annual Grade 9 Retreat. They enjoyed their Guest speaker, Tyler Hayden, making Grade 9 t-shirts, learning how to paint with water colour, learned how to sea kayak with Cape Lahave Adventures, and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the Town of Lunenburg!