Welcome to

Bluenose Academy!

Pre-Primary and Primary Registration 

January 8 - January 12, 2024

Please CLICK HERE to reigster for Pre-Primary and/or Primary for the 2024-2025 School Year

Nuts, Sesame, Scents

Please do not bring nut  (peanuts, tree nuts) or sesame (includes hummus which is made from sesame seeds) products into our school.   
There are students and staff at BA who have  LIFE THREATENING  ALLERGIES to these foods.  As well, be aware that we are a scent "sensitive" property as we have staff and students with severe scent sensitivities.    

School Start Time

 Instruction starts sharply at 8:25am for all students. 
We ask that students arrive no later than 8:20am so they have plenty of time to get prepared for their morning lessons. Students are welcome to enter the school at 8:05am.  

Congratulations Student Athletes!! 

Jr High Hockey

Congratulations Jr. High Hockey Team for finishing first at Regionals and bringing home the banner. 

Jr. High Basketball

Congratulations to the Boys Basketball Team for finishing 3rd at Regionals.   

Jr. High Curling

Congratulations to both the Boys and Mixed Curling Teams for finishing 2nd at Regionals.   

Jr. High Volleyball

Congratulations to both Tier 1 Boys Volleyball Teams for finishing 2nd at Regionals.   

Jr. High Soccer

Congratulations to both the Tier 1 Girls and Tier 1 Boys Soccer Teams for representing Bluenose Academy at Regionals this past week.  Both teams play hard, finishing in 3rd place.    

Jr High Cross Country

Congratulations to Norah Hiltz and William Nowe for representing Bluenose Academy in the Provincial Cross Country Meet in Cape Breton on Monday, October 23, 2023.  Norah finished 46th in Intermediate Girls and William finished 8th in Intermediate Boys. 

Homework Hub

The Homework hub is back again and available for students in Grade 4-12.  Please check out the links below for more information and how to access this support.  

Grade 4-6 (Starting Monday, September 19 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm)

Grade 7-12 (Starting Sunday, September 18 from 5:30 - 9:30 pm)


Parents/Guardians are not permitted to PARK & EXIT THEIR CARS in the Drop-off Loop in front of the school during arrival and dismissal times. 

Also note:  This area is for Pr - 2 Student Drop-off ONLY.  Parents/Guardians dropping off students in higher grades are to do so from the community center parking lot. 

Parents/Guardians using the Parent Drop-Off Loop are NOT TO EXIT THEIR CARS.  Please remain in your car at all times.  A staff member will help with opening the door to assist children out of vehicles.  The drop-off loop is to be a steady flow... no parked/unattended cars.  This is to avoid congestion of vehicles which could create a dangerous environment for traffic on Green Street.  Please ensure you follow this process. Your safety, our student's safety and the safety of the general public are counting on this.  (If you are a parent/guardian of a Pr-2 student and you want to walk your child to or meet them at the front doors, please go to the community centre, park there and walk over.)

DOG OWNERS:  Dogs are not permitted on school grounds.  Please do not bring them with you for student drop-off or pick-up.  We have several children who have very real fears of dogs and seeing them on site creates unnecessary stress and anxiety for them.  Thank you in advance for being respectful of our students, their safety and needs.