It is my belief that keyboarding is the foundational skill for technology education, and for future success. One not only needs to know how to touch type, but how to do so quickly and accurately. In addition, applying this skill to the writing process by composing at the keyboard is transformational. Therefore, Glenburn School has made a firm commitment to ensure that our students know how to keyboard properly. This skill begins at Grade 3 and is developed and reinforced throughout the elementary grades. The student is expected to have secured this skill by Middle School.

Power Goals

The student demonstrates:

  • correct placement of fingers on the home keys and the reaches to the other keys with the correct home key(s).
  • proper keyboarding techniques.

Learning Targets

I can . . .

  • demonstrate correct placement of my fingers on the home keys;
  • reach other keys with the correct home key(s);
  • press the space bar with my dominant thumb;
  • press the enter/return and backspace/delete key with the semicolon reach; and
  • use correct keyboarding techniques.

If you would like a .pdf copy of the keyboarding checklists where students self-assess against the keyboarding learning targets, please reach out to me and I will gladly provide it.