Google Docs

After keyboarding and storage skills, I believe students need strong word processing knowledge. This means not only an understanding of the various commands (margins, spacing, text formatting, etc.), but also correct formatting of documents. Students will apply previous keyboarding and Google Drive skills to this instruction. Google Docs are used all throughout the grade levels at Glenburn School, and the ability to share them with others not only enables collaboration, but also allows teachers to give guidance in real time.

Power Goals

The student demonstrates:

  • application of touch typing and proper techniques to document creation;
  • thorough understanding of word processing commands; and
  • proper document formatting.

Learning Targets

I can . . .

  • apply my keyboarding skills to word processing;
  • create, save, open, close, print and share files;
  • format documents properly by adjusting margins, line spacing, and indents as well as insert page numbers and headers and footers;
  • format text by using using correct internal spacing, changing the font, style, size and color; and
  • edit my work by proofreading and using spelling and Grammar tools.

If you would like a .pdf copy of the Google Docs checklist where students self-assess against the Docs learning targets, please reach out to me and I will gladly provide it.