Google Drive

Glenburn School uses the Google Apps for Education throughout the school community. Each student is issued a Google account, which not only enables communication via e-mail, but also opens a whole suite of software apps and cloud-based storage. It is my firm belief that an organized Google Drive, along with a strong understanding of file creation, operations and sharing, sets Glenburn School students up for success. With Google Drive, lost or inaccessible files are nearly a thing of the past, and we move more and more towards reducing paper use.

Power Goals

The student demonstrates:

  • an organized Google Drive;
  • ability to import, convert and export files to, from and within Google Drive; and
  • ability to share files, set permissions and collaborate with others using shared files.

Learning Targets

I can . . .

  • independently login to my Google account and select Drive from the Google Apps icon;
  • create folders and change their colors as well as create files and edit, copy, rename and move them;
  • upload files to my Drive and convert Microsoft Office files to Google files as well as download files from Drive;
  • search for files on my Drive and use both the Grid and List views;
  • share files, open shared files as well as assign permissions; and
  • can explain the difference between files used in the cloud and those that reside on a computing device.

If you would like a .pdf copy of the Google Drive checklist where students self-assess against the Drive learning targets, please reach out to me and I will gladly provide it.