Palisade DecisionTools Suite

  • Requires Windows and Office 2016 or newer.

  • Download the software here using your Georgetown account.

  • If your license is expired and reinstalling the software doesn't fix it, please stop by the tech center.

For M1/M2 Mac users ONLY:

  1. Click here and login with the Georgetown SSO

  2. Select Desktop

  3. Select Excel and select Internet Activation

  4. When complete, exit Excel

  5. You will now be able to select any of the tools.

  6. Note that any files saved to the virtual computer will be deleted when you log out. You can follow the instructions on this page to link your Google Drive account so you can save your work.


Minitab 20 requires a named user license.

Please click "Get Here" to download a copy of Minitab. If you do not get prompted to login with your Georgetown NetID and password through single sign-on, please request a license at

The Minitab 20 Desktop App is for Windows only.

Mac Users: You can launch the web app from or you can use the Windows Version from the UIS Virtual Classroom for Free at here.



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