There are several different things you can check if wireless is not working:

  1. Forget the network and re-login using your NetID and UIS/Email password

  2. Install the latest updates and restart the computer

  3. Ensure the driver is installed correctly - MSB Tech Center can help


  1. Open network preferences

  2. Select Advanced

  3. Select SaxaNet (or whichever network you are having trouble logging on to)

  4. Hit the minus sign (forget the network)

  5. Hit Ok

  6. Hit Apply

  7. Re-login using your NetID and UIS/email password


The most common issue when printing does not work is that you are not connected to SaxaNet. Confirm this before anything else.

There are a few messages that can pop up. If the message says “Document was canceled”, that means the document successfully went through. If the message says “Document failed to print”, then there is something wrong with the computer.

If all else fails, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer should work

      1. Visit

      2. Login with your username and password

      3. On the bottom left-hand corner of the menu bar, select Install MSB Printer

        • This will take you to a separate tab

      4. Select the Install iPrint Client button in the top left-hand corner

        • Open the download and follow the instructions

        • You will be prompted to type in your computer password if applicable

      5. Once installed, return to the iPrint installation tab you were just in

      6. Select the MSB-Find-Me-Printer under the Install Printer column

      7. Select Open iPrint Printer Installer

      8. Hit Install

      9. You will need to login again using your MSB Username and Password

        • Throughout the process, if you are ever prompted to login only use your MSB Username and Password

If it still is not working, the print server might be down and you should contact the MSB Tech Center.


Check out this page on the iClicker website for ways to troubleshoot your account:


If you are suddenly locked out of your email account, it usually means you did not change your UIS password before the expiration date and your account is temporarily locked.

    1. Visit and follow the prompts to change your password

    2. Call UIS if you cannot change your password using that link at 202-687-4949


All room reservations for students are made through the Georgetown Event Management System (EMS) which can be found here:

    • If you need to request a larger room for a club or organization, please go through your sponsoring professor or the Career Development Center