There are several different things you can check if wireless is not working:

1. Wireless Switch

2. SaxaNet Settings

3. Devices in Network and Sharing Center

4. Restart Services

5. Drivers

6. Ping


The most common issue when printing does not work is that the user is not connected to SaxaNet. Confirm this before anything else!

There are a few messages that can pop up. If the message says “Document was canceled”, that means the document successfully went through. If the message says “Document failed to print”, then there is something wrong with the computer.

Another issue that was more common earlier was that the driver for the old computer was installed. This can be fixed by simply going to control panel and deleting the old printer driver, and making sure the driver for the 7775 printer was there.

On a mac computer, go to system preferences and select “Printers” (refer to the third screenshot) and make sure the 7775 printer is installed. If there is an old version of the printer, you can just click on the printer and click the “minus” button to delete it.

If all else fails, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer drivers should work in most cases.

A final step you can take is to ping the printing server. You would do this by opening a command prompt and typing in:


If it says server not responding (and you are for sure connected to SaxaNet), that means the print server is down and you should contact the MSBTC.