MSB Software

Users may feel free to use any word processing application they wish, but the MSBTC exclusively supports the Microsoft Office Suites. In addition to the standard MS Office package, students will be required to download several additional add-ons and applications for their classes. Much of this software is offered for free by Georgetown University.

Microsoft Office


Decision Tools (@Risk)

JMP Statistical Discovery Software



EViews 9 Student Version Lite

GU Software Webstore

Provided by main campus

Enterprise Software

The MSB Technology Center provides and offers support for a variety of software packages available for MSB faculty and staff.


Banner is a software application that maintains student, alumni, financial and personnel data for higher education institutions. To access Banner:

  1. File a Banner account request form for the user. You will need a Georgetown NetID and password to login.
  2. Your computer must meet the following requirements:
    • Cisco AnyConnent VPN Client installed and connected, and have the most recent version of the Java application installed.
    • Any updated browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) with the most recent version of Java enabled.

If you are unsure if your computer meets these requirements, contact the technology center.


Cognos is an application used for primarily business intelligence and performance management analytics. If you would like to gain access to Cognos, your computer must meet the following requirements:

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN client and the most recent version of Java must be installed.
  • Any updated browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) with the most recent version of Java enabled. Internet Explorer must be used if you will be running Cognos Reports.

If you own a Mac, you MUST install either a Windows partition via Bootcamp or a VMWare virtual machine capable of running the Windows 7 operating system. Cognos cannot be run by the Mac OS.

Data Services

MSB supports a wide variety of database services. Many are licensed and accessed directly from MSB account. Others are managed by Lauinger Library and are accessed through them. For a full list of Lauinger Library database services go to the Lauinger Library web site.

There are various conditions and procedures to access MSB database services. They vary depending on what service is required and user status as student, faculty or staff.

MSB database resources are for academic use only. Academic use is defined as use by student, faculty, or staff members of the McDonough School of Business as a part of the Georgetown curriculum or Georgetown faculty research. Access is routinely extended on a case-by-case basis to all Georgetown faculty if the academic use criteria is met and the additional use will not impact MSB use.

Application for access to all MSB data resources is through the MSB Technology Center via e-mail to The process is informal. Please call 202-687-4721 with questions.

Below is a list of MSBTC supported data services and a brief description.

Data services that are accessible through MSB Wharton Research Data Services(WRDS) are marked. MSB WRDS subscriptions are available on request from MSB.

Academic Global Sum Hist(WRDS) (Thomson Reuters)



Capital IQ Excel Plugin

Capital IQ / Standard & Poor's

Capital Structure (Capital IQ)

Compustat Backdata Segment (WRDS)

Compustat Bank Annual & Qtrly File

Compustat Full Mainframe Subscription

Compustat Global (WRDS)

Compustat Quarterly Updates

Cowen Research

C.R.S.P. (U of Chicago)

DataFeed Agreement (WRDS)

Datastream (Thomson Reuters)

Datastream Pro (Thomson Reuters)

Dealscan (Thomson Reuters)


Fixed Income Securities Database (WRDS)

FUNDFEED Data Solutions (WRDS)



IBES Hist Detail Est Global (Thomson Reuters)

IBES Subscription (WRDS) (Thomson Reuters)

Insider (Thomson Reuters)

Investext Corp Add On (Thomson Reuters)

IVES Group

Key Developments(Capital IQ)

Lipper TASS (Thomson Reuters)


Mutual Fund 13F Owner (Thomson Reuters)

Mutual Fund Owner (Thomson Reuters)

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (WRDS)

Option Metrics

People Intelligence(Capital IQ)

Private Equity Hub


Ratings Direct (Standard & Poor's)

Research Insight NA

SDC Bankruptcies (Thomson Reuters)

SDC Database (Thomson Reuters)

SDC Global New Issues (Thomson Reuters)

SDC Joint Ventures (Thomson Reuters)

SDC Worldwide Mergers and Acquisitions

Venture Expert

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

WorldScope Global FTP (Thomson Reuters)

Worldscope History CD (Thomson Reuters)

Mobile Applications

The Salesforce Mobile App is now available on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. For a complete description of the Salesforce Mobile App and its services, please visit our Salesforce Mobile App page.


Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that allows Georgetown McDonough School of Business (MSB) to store, track, manage, and build better relationships with constituents from one place. It provides a picture of what our engagements look like with our contacts (alumni, current students, and external relations). With Salesforce, Georgetown McDonough can discover countless ways of cultivating these relationships and finding unique and valuable opportunities.

For more information about Salesforce, including FAQs, updates, and compatibility checks, go to the Salesforce page here.

Georgetown Google Apps

In August 2012, the McDonough school of business transitioned away from its own individual google apps domain and joined the other colleges in adopting a new, university-wide domain. Georgetown students now have access of all of the applications Google provides including Mail, Calendars, and Google Drive.

To access Google Apps, please go to Georgetown Google Apps.