The MSBTC provides daily "Walk-In Hours" at our office in Room 180 of the Rafik B. Hariri Building for any MSB user needing ad-hoc computer assistance. The service is first come - first serve. These office hours follow normal working hours, when we have both student and full time staff available for assistance. During the time a technician is working on a computer the student has to stay in MSBTC.

If the problem is not resolved by the end of walk-in hours, the customer will have to return the following scheduled walk-in period, when he/she will receive priority in technician assignment. The MSBTC will not keep computers overnight without specific approval of the CTO, Michael Borbacs, or the senior MSBTC full time staff member if the CTO is absent.

The MSBTC provides services free whenever possible, however, some services are beyond our capabilities, and some customers may have to be referred to Computerware, a local vendor. If you did not purchase your computer with Computerware, there will be a charge associated with their service (Call ahead during holidays). Computerware Service Representatives will be at the Technology Center on Tuesday and Friday from 10am to 2pm. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How do I set up printing?

    1. If you already have an MSB username (NetId) and password, visit

    2. Login with your username and password

    3. On the bottom left-hand corner of the menu bar, select Install MSB Printer

      • This will take you to a separate tab

    4. Select the Install iPrint Client button in the top left-hand corner

      • Open the download and follow the instructions

      • You will be prompted to type in your computer password if applicable

    5. Once installed, return to the iPrint installation tab you were just in

    6. Select the MSB-Find-Me-Printer under the Install Printer column

    7. Select Open iPrint Printer Installer

    8. Hit Install

    9. You will need to login again using your MSB Username and Password

      • Throughout the process, if you are ever prompted to login only use your MSB Username and Password

How do I get my laptop fixed?

    1. If you think something is wrong with your computer, visit the Tech Center immediately

      • If you cannot get to the Tech Center, try updating your computer and restarting it. Sometimes your computer just needs to be updated

      • We also suggest running Windows Defender or Malwarebytes to check for a virus

    2. Back up your computer before you visit us to be safe

    3. Your computer may need to be sent to our partner Computerware for further repairs

How do I download the software for my class?

    1. The most common pieces of software you will need for a class are Microsoft Office, SolverTable, Minitab, and Decision Tools (includes @Risk)

    2. You are welcome to visit the Tech Center and we can assist you in downloading the software or continue with the instructions below

    3. Microsoft Office

    4. SolverTable- Windows ONLY

      • If your professor provided you with a link to a zip file, select it otherwise visit the Tech Center for help or search online for SolverTable download files

      • Once downloaded on your computer, open Excel

      • Click the File tab, then Options, then Add-Ins, and then the Go button at the bottom.

      • Here you see the familiar Add-ins dialog box from earlier versions of Excel

      • Click on the Browse button to find the SolverTable.xlam file saved to your computer

      • Just check its box, and click OK

      • SolverTable will now open whenever you go into Excel

    5. Minitab

    6. Decisions Tools- Windows ONLY

      • Visit the Technology Center for download

What do I do if I think I have a virus?

    1. Windows Defender (Windows computers) or Malwarebytes (Mac computers)

    2. Run diagnostics using the application

    3. If an issue is flagged, follow the instructions within Defender or Malwarebytes

    4. Still not sure what is wrong? Swing by the Tech Center

      • Depending on the issue, your computer may have to be sent to our partner Computerware or you may have to visit the Apple Store. Be prepared for any possibility and make sure you back up your computer BEFORE you see us.

How do I get an equipment loan?

    1. The MSB Technology Center loans out equipment on a first-come first-serve basis

    2. We typically lend out equipment for the business day or longer upon request

    3. We lend out a variety of equipment including HDMI cords, Laptop Chargers (USB-C, MagSafe 2, select Lenovo chargers), Keyboards, Mice, External DVD players, VGA Cords, Computer speakers, PowerPoint Clickers (faculty and staff only), general-use laptops, Exam4 Laptops, and more

    4. See the Services page for a more detailed description of our loaner policies

How do I change or reset my password?

    1. To change your MSB password which is used for MSB printing, go to:

    2. If you are still having trouble changing it, please visit the Tech Center

    3. To change your UIS password which is used for your email and Wifi, go to:

How do I reserve a room?

    1. All room reservations for students are made through the Georgetown Event Management System (EMS) which can be found here:

    2. If you need to request a larger room for a club or organization, please go through your sponsoring professor or the Career Development Center

What computer should I buy?

    1. We recommend a computer with operating system Windows 8.1 or 10 with an Intel Core i5 or i7 Processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD

    2. If you choose to purchase a Mac computer MSBTC will assist you to install Windows 10 as a secondary operating system. Your Mac computer can be a MacBook Pro or Air and must have at least 256 GB of storage. The Tech Center offers two ways to install Windows on your Mac:

      • Bootcamp: Bootcamp allows you to select either your Mac OS or your Windows OS upon boot up. Bootcamp runs without slowing your computer. To bootcamp your computer, you MUST have at least 80 GB of free space on your computer, a laptop charger, an available USB/USB-C port, a computer released after 2012, and have the latest Mac OS

      • VMWare Fusion: This is a software offered for free by Georgetown to all Georgetown students. It allows you to run both your Apple OS and Windows OS at the same time, but it will slow down your computer

What video resources are available?

    1. The MSB Technology Center offers support for a view different video/conference resources

    2. We recommend using Zoom or Panopto, but we also offer limited support for Skype and Google Hangouts

    3. Please see our Audiovisual page for more information about the different video/conference resources