1. Visit

• Scroll down until you see “Quick Links” at the bottom right of the page.

Select “Change MSB Password”.

• Enter your netid, then your current password which will be lowercase gu and

the last 6 numbers on your GoCard. You will then set up your security

questions and password.

2. When complete, go back to the MSB Technology page and scroll up to the “Shortcuts”

section. Click on the word “PaperCut”

3. Login with your netid and the MSB password you just set.

4. On the bottom left-hand corner of the menu bar, select “Install MSB Printer”

• This will take you to a separate tab

5. Select the “Install iPrint Client” button in the top left-hand corner

• Open the download and follow the instructions

6. Once installed, return to the iPrint installation tab you were just in.

7. Select the “MSB-Find-Me-Printer” (with the arrow pointing to it) under the Install

Printer column.

• You should get a box stating “The Printer is not installed. Do you want to

Install it Now?”. Click “Yes”.

• You should then see “Printer Installed Successfully”.

8. Next, go back to the menu bar in PaperCut. Select “Change Details”.

• Enter the number from your print card in the “New card/ID number” field, then click

“Change Number”.