Av events

All AV reservations and services are contingent upon availability of equipment. In order to guarantee we will be able to complete your request, we ask you submit a help ticket 2 full business days prior to small events (such as laptop, projector, or speakers set ups), and five days prior to larger events (speaker events or large parties).

If you are unsure as to whether we have the equipment or expertise for certain audio and visual events, please send an inquiry to msbhelp@georgetown.edu and we will address your event individually as soon as possible.

For events and set-ups concerning Fisher Colloquium, Lohrfink Auditorium, 415, 310, 510, and 570, please use our AV Event Request Form to submit a request.

This form does not reserve any of the spaces discussed, serve as a furniture request, or pertain to catering requests. This form is strictly for tech assistance or equipment requests.

For events and set-ups in all other spaces, please email msbhelp@georgetown.edu the location of the event, time of the event, and technology needed such as a laptop, projection, projection with audio, PowerPoint advancer or microphones.