Our Physical Space

Sunny, Spacious and Cozy!

GNS is a bright space that consists of large, open connected rooms as well as smaller nooks (such as a loft and a glow cave with glow-in-the-dark activities). One room, called the "mess room," is designed for art activities, water and sand play, science experiments as well as special projects. Other spaces are used for group meetings, gross motor work, dramatic play, blocks, writing, games and so on.

There is a small kitchen area for cooking projects. In our large cubby room, children are given their own cubby space to be decorated as they wish for storing jackets and extra clothes. We have two bathrooms with appropriately sized toilets and sinks.

This Fall we will be finishing up with our NEW PLAY YARD!! With our garden theme, we aim to give children a unique outdoor experience where they can be challenged physically and mentally as well as have a lot of fun! Photos coming soon!!!

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