Paying Online

PAYING ONLINE or check account balance:

Read all instructions FIRST before going into Charms:

1. Logon to

2. Click "login", type "berknerband" for parents/students/members, enter your 6-digit RISD student ID


It will ask you to change password IN RED.

Don't do it.

Just click the red "$" icon at the top

4. Scroll down to the blue "Make Trip Deposit" button and pull the drop down menu to "Corpus 2020". Click button!

5. Type in the amount you wish to pay

6. You will be taken to PayPal... click "pay by credit card" and follow on-screen instructions. Once your payment is complete, you will be taken back to charms to click a green button to "finalize" the payment!

6-Digit RISD ID not working?

Email Mr. Schayot and he will reset your password!